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ADA Door Push Plates

For safer access to your business entrances, rely on ADA-compliant push plates from North Shore Commercial Door that are well marked for convenient access for handicapped customers and visitors. Easy-to-install BEA combination access plates have standard entry key switches and push-to-open plates marked with universal handicap-entrance logos. The ADA door push plates and key switches can be used together or separately.

Transmitter Solutions automatic door push plate kits include two stainless steel push plates compliant with U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules, two easy-to-open mount boxes, two transmitter modules, and a receiver with antenna and wire harness. Consider the BEA vestibule push plate transmitter + receiver package. These BEA kits are popular choices for use with inside or outside doors with automatic sequencing applications.

Choose round push plates or square "push to open" push plates. Or choose a push plate with handicap logo (no text) only. Most push plates are made with 100% stainless steel for durability and advanced protection against scratches and other damage.