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Janus Barrel Upgrade Kit

Janus Barrel Upgrade Kit
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Janus Barrel Upgrade Kit
Janus Barrel Upgrade Kit
Product Description
Barrel Upgrade Kit(features mini door bracket, tensioner and complete barrel assembly with drums,bearings and springs enclosed)

Assemblies ordered in quantity will ship in a crate like the doors.

Freight is not included.

Consult factory for best shipping method.

Instructions for Ordering an Upgrade/Repair Kit

1. Note if the door is a wind load door.

2. Measure the door opening width and height.

3. Measure the actual curtain width. (Why? So we can manufacture the barrel to the exact size.)

4.Count the number of sheets on the door. (Why? So we can be sure to assemble the correct springs for the size of the door curtain. Door weight determined by the number of sheets is the important information. We are fitting a door curtain, not a clear opening size. The previous manufacturer may or may not have sent the best curtain size for the opening.)

5. Note the jamb surface to which the guides and mounting brackets are attached. (Why? So we can send the correct fasteners and mounting plates if necessary.) FYI There should never be an installation circumstance in which the mounting brackets are attached only to the guides. Mini door guides are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of an entire curtain. Our instructions will instruct the installer to attach the new Janus brackets to the jamb at the same location in which previous brackets were attached. If the door is on a steel building where jamb surface space is an issue, there should already be a mounting plate in place and it can be reused with the upgrade kit. Otherwise, we can send plates at the standard additional charge. The mini mounting plates will need to be listed on the order.

6. Note door manufacturer and approximate age of the door
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