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BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA

Logo and text engraved; added-touch-sensitivity automatic push plate door opener

BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA
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Item# 10LPR36-900
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BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA
BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA
Product Description
BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA Logo and Text |BEA 10LPR36-900 Wireless Push Plate ADA Logo and Text is a 36 inch wall or bollard-post mount actuator for motorized and power-assisted doors. Transmitter Interface (included) is housed in ABS plastic top end-cap. Greater block out of moisture, weather and particulate. North Shore Commercial Door stocks push-plates of all sizes and applications for your facility and other needs. Plate is stamped with cobalt-blue relief design of ADA logo and all-caps "PUSH TO OPEN" design. Four touch-sensing membranes housed beneath exterior pad mean limited-mobility and medical facility locations; doors that double for freight and passage, vestibule entrances and most assistive doors are ideal applications.

  • Low-relief (1-1/8 in deep) awning/canopy-exterior or interior install automatic door push plate opener
  • Lower depth means less incidental damage, collisions or accidental open
  • Multiple touch-membranes mean entire plate has touch-sensitive activation for lower or higher reach | door opens from touch on any location of plate
  • Wall mount or can be secured to Push Plate Mounting Post
  • Works with the following receivers to adapt automatic/operator assisted doors
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum internal components/housing
  • Steel outer pushplate with recessed blue font and ADA-logo
  • Transmitter 900 MHz included and housed in top end cap
  • Contact Configuration: SPST N.O.
  • Switching Current: 0.005 to 100 mA DC Operation
  • Switching Voltage: 0.1 50 VDC
  • Switching Capacity: 1 W
  • Temperature -32 212 F -35 100 C
  • Dimensions
    • 36 in H
    • 6 in W
    • 1-1/8 in D
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