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Chamberlain HD420EV PD612EVC LC500EVC HD420EVC PD622EVC Chain Drive

Chamberlain HD420EV PD612EVC LC500EVC HD420EVC PD622EVC Chain Drive
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Key Part # Description
1 41A5615 Liftmaster Chain Spreader Kit
2 41C4220A Chamberlain, Sears, Raynor 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Assembly
3 041A7760 [Not Available] End panel (Includes light socket)
4 41C279 #4 Liftmaster 41C279 Garage Door Opener Light socket
5 41D7572 [Not Available] Light lens for HD420EV
41D7571 [Not Available] Light lens for LC500EVC, HD420EVC
41D7570 [Not Available] Light lens for PD612EV, PD622EVC
6 30B532 Liftmaster 30B532 Capacitor - 1/2 HP
7 12A373 #9 Liftmaster 12A373 Capacitor bracket
8 041D7742-7 [Not Available] Travel Module
9 041A7620-7 [Not Available] Cover for HD420EV
041A7620-8 [Not Available] Cover for LC500EVC, HD420EVC
041A7620-10 [Not Available] Cover for PD612EV, HD420EVC
10 45ACT Liftmaster 45ACT Logic Board
11 41D7638 [Not Available] End panel
12 041D7440 Liftmaster 041D7440 Universal motor with travel module
13 41B4245 Liftmaster 41B4245 Line cord
14 41A3150 Liftmaster 41A3150 Terminal block w/ screws

Save money by replacing the parts yourself on your Chamberlain chain drive garage door operator. We have Chamberlain-compatible parts by top brands like LiftMaster for Chamberlain garage door opener models HD420EV, PD612EVC, LC500EVC, HD420EVC and PD622EVC. In fact, our chain drive gear and sprocket assembly can be used with dozens of garage door operator models. Our illustrated parts guide allows you to see what the part you need looks like and where it is located on your operator. Just click on the number next to the illustration or on the list below to place your order for our discount-priced parts.

We have compatible garage door opener parts such as affordably priced 1/2-horsepower capacitors, capacitor brackets and door opener light sockets for your HD420EV or HD420EVC. These parts are also compatible with your Chamberlain PD612EVC, PD622EVC or your Chamberlain LC500EVC garage door operator model. If you don't see the part you need, contact our staff to help you find a compatible replacement. Our American family-owned business has been selling residential and commercial garage door opener replacement parts for more than 35 years. You can trust our expertise.