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Chamberlain Installation Parts - All Models

Chamberlain Installation Parts - All Models
Be sure to use our new Interactive Exploded Parts View to find the item you need! Using it is easy, just follow the directions below!

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Key Part # Description
1 10A20 Garage Door Opener Remote CR2032 3V Lithium Battery
2 10A2 Garage Door Opener Remote 9V Alkaline Battery
3 10A14 Garage Door Opener Remote A23 12V Alkaline Battery
4 41B4494-1 Liftmaster 41B4494-1 25 feet of 2-Conductor bell wire - white & white/red
5 41A4353 Liftmaster 41A4353 Header Bracket
41A4353-1 Liftmaster 41A4353-1 Header Bracket
6 41A5047 Liftmaster 41A5047 Door Bracket
41A5047-1 Liftmaster 41A5047-1 Door Bracket Black (Used on Belt Drive Units)
7 41A2828 Liftmaster 41A2828 Manual Rope & Handle Assembly
8 29C128 Liftmaster 29C128 Remote Visor Clip (60 & 80 Series)
29B137 Liftmaster 29B137 Remote Visor Clip (300 & 900 Series)
9 41A4166 Liftmaster 75LM Wall Button
10 41A4251-3A [Not Available] Multi-function wall control panel - 2 wire (1993-1995)
11 41A5273-2 [Not Available] Multi-function wall control panel - 2 wire Security+
41C494-2 [Not Available] Soft glow multi-function wall control panel - 2 wire
11a 101C118-1 [Not Available] Push button cover
12 178B35 LiftMaster 178B35 Curved Door Arm
13 178B34 Liftmaster 178B34 Straight Door Arm Section
14 41A5047-3 [Not Available] Header bracket for square rail units
15 41A6318 [Not Available] Motion detecting control console

Do-it-yourself upgrades and repairs to your Chamberlain garage door operator just got easier with our illustrated guides to parts, compatibility and installation. At North Shore Commercial Door, we offer installation parts compatible with all models of residential Chamberlain garage door openers. If your opener still works but the installation hardware needs replacing, we have the parts you need to ensure that it's reinstalled securely. Our diagrams with pictures show what each part looks like. Click on the number of the part you want next to the picture or on the list below the diagram, and place your order. We have header brackets and conductor belt wire. Find lithium and alkaline replacement batteries for your garage door remote control. We have wall button repair parts and manual rope and handle assemblies.

Find the parts you need for your DIY repairs or upgrades. If you have questions, contact our in-house experts. We have been the trusted source for commercial and residential garage door and gate operators for more than 35 years. With our top Internet sales rankings for quality, price and customer service, you can shop with confidence at North Shore Commercial Door.