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Chamberlain Rail Assembly Parts - Screw Drive

Chamberlain Rail Assembly Parts - Screw Drive
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Key Part # Description
1 41A4796 LiftMaster 41A4796 Hardware bag
2 41A4795  Liftmaster 41A4795 Hardware Bag (Includes Sprocket Coupling)
3 12B569-1 [Not Available] Left rail bracket
4 12B569-2 [Not Available] Right rail bracket
5 1C4827-1 [Not Available] Screw drive rail assembly
6 12B560 [Not Available] Rail support brace
7 81C168 Liftmaster Chamberlain 81C168 screw drive carriage rack
8 41C4677 Liftmaster 41C4677 Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Carriage
9 25C20 Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler
10 41A4836 Liftmaster 41A4836 Drive Sprocket Kit
11 83A11 Liftmaster 83A11-2 Garage Door Opener Rail Grease
12 12B890 [Not Available] Left rail bracket
13 12B900 [Not Available] Right rail bracket
14 41A6264 [Not Available] Screw drive assembly
15 12B889 [Not Available] Rail support brace
16 41A6262 Liftmaster 41A6262 Complete Trolly Assembly (3130, 3240)
17 41A4836 Liftmaster 41A4836 Drive Sprocket Kit
18 81C275 Liftmaster 81C275 Screw Drive Rack (3130, 3240)

North Shore Commercial Door is your one-stop shopping place for the highest-quality replacement parts at discount prices for your Chamberlain screw drive garage door opener rail assembly. We have compatible screw drive racks, hardware sets, rail brackets, sprocket couplers and more. To help replace parts easily, order our LiftMaster brand hardware bag that includes sprocket couplings. Our rail grease is the go-to choice to ensure smooth travel of your garage door opener trolley or square rail assembly.

Our replacement screw drive rail assembly trolley with clevis pin is compatible with Chamberlain's model PD432D and PD432DM screw drive garage door operator garage door operator rail assemblies made after 1995. DIY parts replacements are easy with our diagram depicting compatible parts. Just click on the number next to the pictured part, and learn about the cost and compatibility of that part. Also shop our replacement garage door opener remotes and economically priced battery replacements for your remote transmitters.