Chateau Products, Inc. ADA Compliance Products

Make your commercial self-storage units ADA-compliant with our Chateau Products Inc. retrofitting equipment and signs from North Shore Commercial Door. Buy individual close or open door handles, signs or full conversion kits at our discount pricing.

ADA Compliance Rules

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) ADA regulations and guidelines require U.S. self-storage facilities to provide ADA-mandated access to a portion of self-storage units. At least 5% of 200 commercial self-storage units must be ADA-compliant. For businesses with more than 200 units, 2% must comply with ADA access rules.

For easier access, door pulls should be installed on exterior doors at a height between 15 in. and 48 in. Nylon ropes should contain loops large enough to fit a man or woman's fist. Chateau Products Inc. offers inexpensive retrofit solutions.

ADA-Access Self-Storage Retrofit Kits

An inexpensive Chateau Products C-ADA-KIT retrofit kit from North Shore Commercial Door includes a Chateau C-ADA-CL close door handle with corded fastener, and a Chateau C-ADA-OP open door handle with nylon cord and corded fastener. This kit includes a Chateau C-ADA-SB universal ADA logo sign with Braille overlay.

You can order any of the handles or signs individually, too. We offer a fast turnaround and low-cost shipping on any Chateau Products order. As ADA regulations change from decade to decade, our American-owned company will add to our inventory to reflect those changes to help you stay compliant with evolving guidelines.

We also have Chateau Products self-storage warehouse door latches, locks and self-storage facility warming signs. Our signs include high-visibility No Parking signs and signs that read: Warning: Security Cameras in Use.

Our line of high-security locks and latches include the Chateau C-480-CD-KD1 maximum security red line cylinder lock for self-storage facilities. This rust-free brass lock has 21 anti-lock pins. It's designed to fit our Chateau C-487B-4 bolt bezel latch.

If you can’t find the item you need, have any questions about Chateau Products, Inc. or their retrofitting product line, our helpful sales and support team is available by phone at 1-800-783-6112 or direct chat between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Or, send us an e-mail with your questions or request at any time to and a North Shore Commercial Door representative will reach out to you.