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Chamberlain CLLAD Remote Light Control

Chamberlain CLLAD Remote Light Control
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Chamberlain CLLAD Remote Light Control
Chamberlain CLLAD Remote Light Control
Product Description

Control your residential lighting with the Chamberlain CLLAD home lights remote control from North Shore Commercial Door. This Chamberlain light switch remote allows you to control on/off functions of lights and small appliances in your home or office from inside your car. That means you never have to walk into a dark house. When you plug this unit into any wall unit, it automatically "learns' the code on your garage door opener remote control transmitter. Then, all you have to do is push a button to control the lights or appliances. It's also a great way to operate your outdoor holiday lighting from inside your car or home. Use your Chamberlain light remote with incandescent light bulbs with up to 600 watts of power. Also use with television sets, fans, radios and other small appliances.

Product Highlights:

  • Item # CLLAD
  • Control lights, small appliances from inside your car
  • Plug into any wall unit to allow this remote to automatically "learn" the code on your garage door opener
  • One button controls on/off functions
  • Use with incandescent bulbs up to 600 watts
  • Use with TVs, radio, other small appliances
  • Use to control holiday lights from inside car, home
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COMMENT: for use with the additional 2 buttons on my Chamberlain auto visor remote for the interior and exterior lights on my garage. by Irl H 4/2/2017
COMMENT: Existing by Tony M 3/11/2016
QUESTION: How does this product work? I have a 2 story house , so want to be able to turn lights off downstairs from upstairs. by None N 10/16/2013
ANSWER: It is a radio frequency controller as opposed to a infra red controller so it works outside of the line of sight. I turn on a garage light from any room of the house and it is a detached garage about 12 ft. from the patio. by Bob W a
STAFF ANSWER: You need to have a remote. We sell the same product pre-packaged with a remote. It is the Wireless remote outlet. If you want to control up to three devices with it you will want to purchase one Remote Light Control for each plug in lamp, and a three button remote model 893MAX by liftmaster. Or you can get the keychain size three button remote model 890Max, by Matthew O a
REPLY: how do I program this remote by Leo A r
QUESTION: What is the distence range of remote and the light controller to put light on?off by None N 11/21/2012
ANSWER: After my husband died this past month I found this Chamberlain CLLAD Remote in a drawer. I went to Google & typed in 'Chamberlain plug in'.....I didnt know what to call it but figured if I keyed in the words 'plug in' something would come here I am. How do I hook it up & to what do I hook it to ?<br /> this for safety like when I come home to a dark house & use it to turn on the lights prior to entering my house ? by susan v a
ANSWER: I have put my light on from approx 80 to90 feet. This is the distance that works for me. by C E a