Copperloy Edge-Of-Dock Levelers

Shop our line of easy-install, easy-positioning Copperloy edge-of-dock commercial/industrial loading dock levelers in standard and extended lip editions. When a truck doesn't fit your loading dock or ramp, use the edge-of-dock handle to lift and position a Copperloy edge-of-dock leveler over the truck. These levelers fit most docks and can handle freight trucks that are 5 inches above or below dock levels.

Choose edge-of-dock levelers designed for a maximum weight capacity of 20,000 lbs. or 30,000 lbs. Copperloy's exclusive lift device and spring assembly make these levelers faster to install and position than other edge-of-dock levelers. Safety maintenance struts on these levelers secure the units in place for operations and maintenance. Low-maintenance hinges have grease fittings.

Copperloy edge-of-dock levelers from North Shore Commercial Door include standard lip and Copperloy SELCRG Refer long lip (16 in.) levelers that allow fork lifts to more easily load and unload freight trucks. They're ideal for retrofits. Also shop our discount prices on Copperloy leveler repair and replacement parts.

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