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DOORSCALE-ARM Large-Door Weighing Lever

Determine weight for industrial, larger doors doors; Important for gettting tolerances and sizes needed in for large-door settings;

DOORSCALE-ARM Large-Door Weighing Lever
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DOORSCALE-ARM Large-Door Weighing Lever
DOORSCALE-ARM Large-Door Weighing Lever
Product Description
DOORSCASLE-ARM Large-Door Weighing Lever
With simple mechanics this lever modifies the force exerted on a common bathroom scale (sold separately) reducing the weight by 80%. Allows accurate weighing of overhead doors up to 1,250 lbs so you know what type and what strength of operator and/or receiver to buy. Simple mechanical device; no complicated electromagnetic sensors; no multi-component calibration; no Bluetooth signal to sync. North Shore Commercial Door has the doors, installation devices and other supplies you need. Door rests on welded cylinder near axis of lever. Get the info you need on door or doors weight to order the right garage-door opener.

Product Highlights
  • Uses counterbalance to translate extreme overhead door weights into a reading one-fifth that of the door
  • Evenly distributes weight from axis onto a simple bathroom scale (sold separately) with a span-bar at the end of the lever
  • Safety regulations as NEMA, UL, OSHA, DOT, ODOT and others
    • Agencies and protocol can insist on specific openers, receivers, photo eyes, safety beam accessories, hardware and various fail-safe devices depending on weight and force of your door
    • DOORSCALE-ARM easily weighs door
  • Warehouse settings; docks, materials/handling and logistics locations
    • auto mechanic garage, single or multiple bays; some residential needs; municipal, sanitation, small hangar and similar building applications
  • Dimensions 31" X 13" X 7"
  • ALT-SKU: T TL-758-LEV
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