Digi-Code Replacement Beam Sensors

A set of Digi-Code garage door opener replacement beam sensors from North Shore Commercial Door is a great solution for installers. Because the Digi-Code beam sensors are compatible with all major garage door openers, installers do not need to worry about having multiple products in their inventory to complete a job. These universal replacement beam sensors are also easy to install, thanks to their self-programming feature. North Shore’s handy kits includes a sender and receiver module, along with mounting brackets and screws. 

The Digi-Code CR2149 universal sensor beam from North Shore Commercial Door works with almost all major garage door opener brands, including Stanley, Linear, Chamberlain, and LiftMaster. Digi-Code's CR2149 sensor is compatible with Moore-O-Matic, Raynor, Genie, and post-1995 Overhead Door brands. These Digi-Code universal sensors are self-programming, which means all the installer has to do is hook the beams up to the existing wiring and mount the units to the wall.  

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