Digital Keypads

Keypad access control devices are commonly used at commercial businesses and apartment complexes where controlling who is entering the location through a vehicle is essential. Security Brands, formerly American Access Systems (AAS), is a leader in the manufacturing of quality Keypad access control systems and many models of these systems are available at North Shore Commercial Door. Gate keypad systems are a low security yet effective method for controlling access to gated communities and businesses. Typically 4, 5 or six digit numbers are used to gain access to a location and these numbers can be shared by a large number of people.

Post mount access keypads and wall-mount keypads are available and you can choose a keypad that has an intercom. These types of keypads are popular among business owners whose employees and visitors access the site through the same gate. The employees can use their code number while visitors can use the intercom to speak with security personnel before gaining entry.