Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5200 - 300MHz

Keyless garage entryway transmitter with DIP-switch programming is tamper-resistant and ideal for joggers, motorcyclists or anyone who doesn't want to carry an opener

Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5200 - 300MHz

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Item# DC5200
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Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5200 - 300MHz
Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5200 - 300MHz
Product Description
Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5200

Model DC5200 Wireless Keypads Flip lid design protects keypad from the elements. Mounted outside the garage door or gate, these tamper-resistant, weatherproof, programmable Keyless Entries offer convenient access without having to carry a transmitter. Handy for gardening or doing outside work when you wouldn't normally be carrying a transmitter. Private code can be set by user.

The keypads are a wireless unit, powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery.

DC5200 operates all Digi-Code 300MHz Receivers.


Model 5200

Operating Frequency 300MHz

Dimensions 6 1/2" x 3" x 1"

Security Codes 1024 dip switch codes

P.I.N. Number Entered and changeable by user

Power Heavy Duty 9 volt alkaline battery
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COMMENT: Replacement. by Jacques T 8/13/2017
COMMENT: Because the one we had quit working so, we needed a new one. by Rodger S 7/19/2017
QUESTION: I ordered the Dc52002A that is 310MHZ, my multi code digi code receiver is 300MHZ and was my old keypad I can't make the new 310MHZ keypad work do I need the DC5200A 300MHZ to make it work with my receiver? by Michael B 5/4/2015
ANSWER: Sorry I cannot help as I use my device for a gate opener by donona r a
STAFF ANSWER: yes you need the 300MHZ by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Hello, Can I install this pad and set a key code, but still use my old wireless remotes as well? I only want a keypad for entry IN ADDITION to using the existing remotes in vehicles that I already have. <br />Thanks! by Susan C 4/10/2015
ANSWER: Yes you can. by Jack M a
ANSWER: Yes you can. Open up your remote transmitter, find the selected dip-switch numbers set on that transmitter. Then follow keypad instructions on entering those code numbers into the keypad section 2. Next step is entering your new personal four digit code into the keypad section 3and you should be in buisness. If you have problems programming the keypad, call Digi-Code direct. Nice folks and very helpful. Number is one their website. Good Luck by Henry S a
ANSWER: Yes you will have to program the keypad to work on the same frequency as the door opener but it will not effect the other remotes. by Dave w a
ANSWER: You sure can. This keypad will work along with your existing remotes. by Rich C a
QUESTION: How many keypads can I program to a Digicode Light-Commercial Garage Door Opener Receiver 110 Volt: MODEL DC5120 ? by None N 4/1/2014
STAFF ANSWER: as many as you want. Not sure why you would need a bunch of kepads to program to one reciever but you could program as mnay as you want. Now if you wanted to know how many recievers one digi code keypad can program to then that is 10. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can I program 8 of these openers to a industrial lift master motor?<br /><br />Its for an apartment building complex. by None N 3/31/2014
ANSWER: I use multiple units with an Apollo gate opener system. It would seem that if you can program one unit to work adding additional units should not be a problem. by Robert H a
ANSWER: Sorry, I cannot help on this by donona r a
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