Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5202 - 310MHz

Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5202 - 310MHz

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Item# DC5202
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Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5202 - 310MHz
Digi-Code Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Model DC5202 - 310MHz
Product Description

The Digi-Code DC5202 wireless garage door opener keypad from North Shore Commercial Door is designed to resist tampering with a weatherproof flip lid to help protect Digi-Code's keypad from the elements when mounted outside a garage door or gate. With a programmable code, this 310MHz Digi-Code wireless keypad comes with a 9-volt alkaline battery. The DC5202 operates on all Stanley dip switch operators and 310MHz Digi-Code receivers. You can change the entered pin number, too. Contact our expert in-house staff with questions about compatibility and installation.

Product Highlights:

  • Item # DC5202
  • Weatherproof, tamper-resistant flip lid cover
  • Compatible with all Stanley dip switch garage door openers
  • Compatible with 310MHz Digi-Code receivers
  • Includes 9V alkaline battery
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 3" x 1"
  • Entered pin code can be changed by user

Compatible Accessories:

Mini One Button - 3082

Mini Two Button - 3083

One Button Visor - 1050

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COMMENT: Called the old Stanley help line number from label on old garage door opener unit. The line is no longer in service but the gentleman who now owns the number recommended this unit as compatible. I like that the unit indicates that the keypad is lit for easy use at night and that it is covered which makes it more private when entering code and protects the key pad from the elements. Also makes it less obvious to kids or other mischief makers by Thomas P 8/29/2017
COMMENT: I had the same model that worked perfectly for ten years, and it was necessary now to replace it. It works very well, and the installation and programming are quite easy to undertake. by Jack K 7/13/2017
QUESTION: Does it work for Genie garage door opener? by None N 11/28/2016
ANSWER: I am sorry, I really do not know. The Digi-Code is a fairly universal transmitter, but there are two models transmitting at either 300 or 310Mhz. I would go to the Digi-Code web site and determine if this transmitter is compatible with your Genie receiver. I bought this one because it was the most inexpensive pad that would work with my gate operator - some kind of obscure brand. by robert T a
QUESTION: Does this work with Liftmaster model 3245? by steve g 7/16/2015
STAFF ANSWER: This usually does not work with a Liftmaster. Please get your remote in hand and give us a call. We can match a wireless keypad based on your current brand and model # of the handheld remote. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Don't know about lift master but works great with my stanly. Easy to install, no problems. Give it a ten out of ten by Rod N a
ANSWER: It worked with an older Stanley model that had 10 dip switches, if that is any help. by Edward K a
QUESTION: 971RGD model number will it work with our model? by None N 2/26/2015
ANSWER: Yes, I ordered this keypad about 2 years ago now for my old Stanley garage door opener with dip switches and it works perfectly. I bought to replace the one I had for many many year's. You should have no problem with this product. by Mike G a
ANSWER: it worked with our zareba by Sherry G a
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