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Dock Leveler Seals

Dock Leveler Seals
Our pre-packaged loading dock levelers from North Shore Commercial Door are designed for quick-weld installation. With these economically priced kits, you can keep dirt, pests and debris from falling into the pit, which is why they're the go-to choice for our food industry customers. Each loading dock weather seals kit includes our heavy galvanized channel, aluminum retainer and other components to meet your specifications. Choose a dock leveler with or without brushes. Our dock door parts also include dock leveler brush seals and brush ring weather seals to use in setting up a height-adjustable bridge between your dock and trucks. With our 35-plus years of experience in the commercial door industry, we offer only the best commercial garage door, loading dock and residential garage door accessories.

Dock Leveler Seals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dock leveler seals?

Dock leveler seals can keep dust, dirt and other contamination at bay, which is why these dock leveler seals are especially important protection for food industry warehouses. We have protective dock leveler seal kits in brush styles with quick-install galvanized steel channels to keep out drafts and contaminants while also stopping debris from falling to truck delivery pits.

Keep rodents out of your business with our rodentBLOCK with Xcluder dock leveler seal kits. The seals are made with reinforced EPDM rubber and a trademarked Xcluder fill fabric that blocks mice, rats and other rodents.

We have rear foam seals for commercial plant docks that seals gaps between the dock leveler and dock floor. These foam seals also help block the entry of rodents. With specially made eco-friendly dock leveler seals designed to keep rodents away, you can avoid using harsh chemicals for rodent control.

What is included with dock leveler seal kits?

Our standard loading dock weather seal kit includes the seal, a heavy galvanized channel, aluminum retainer and other components to meet your size specifications. We have brush-style dock leveler seal kits that contain standard aluminum retainers, galvanized channels and brush components.

RodentBLOCK with Xcluder dock leveler seal kits include side seals and mounting hardware. Each dock leveler seal kit includes installation supplies to make installation easier. Check the product description of the dock leveler seal you want for a list of what's included with each seal.

Which dock leveler seal is the right fit?

Measure your dock leveler to help you determine the right fit before you place your order for a dock leveler weather seal. You can refer to your owner's manual, or you can manually measure your dock leveler. If you need assistance, contact our staff by phone, email or Live Chat.