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Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover

Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover
Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover
Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover
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Item# DC-1
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Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover
Domino Garage Door Opener Keypad Cover
Product Description
Replace the cover on your Domino Garage Door Keypad using this affordable Domino GD-1 replacement keypad cover. Designed for use with the Domini GD-1 hard-wired keyless entry system, this cover offers a sturdy, weather-proof construction and a long life. North Shore Commercial Door sells the entire GD-1 system to accompany this replacement Domino keypad cover.
  • Protects GD-1 unit against the elements
  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction
  • Part does not include the keypad module
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COMMENT: Because my daughter broke my cover off and I didn't want to replace the entire hard-wired unit. It was wonderful to find just the cover available for purchase. by Gary D W 10/8/2017
COMMENT: needed a replacement by Susan B 9/30/2017
QUESTION: will Domino replacement cover fit a unit that is at least 7 years old? by None N 6/20/2016
ANSWER: It will fit. Mine is almost 15 years old. by Jerry P a
QUESTION: what would the price be for 100 of the covers? by Bert H 2/29/2016
STAFF ANSWER: normally 600 but I can see what I can do on price. Send me an email at Taylor@<a href="" target="_blank"></a> . by Taylor M a
REPLY: We have a storage park in Bellingham Washington state and the covers keep blowing off so I would like a price for 100 covers thank you by Bert H r
QUESTION: my cover looks like this, but I need a key pad. What do I need to order? by Larry D 2/26/2016
STAFF ANSWER: domino keypad by Taylor M a
QUESTION: if this compatible with Overhead door keypad from about 15 years ago? by None N 10/17/2015
ANSWER: Sorry, don't know. Before. My time by leonard s a
ANSWER: Yes I believe this should work. It worked fine for mine that was about 15 years old. Color was slightly different but no big deal. by Andrew B a
ANSWER: It so happens that we have an Overhead brand garage door which is probably over 60 years old. Prior to maybe 10 years ago, we didn't have a keypad but instead a lock switch and remote. Not satisfied with either, we went into the local Overhead Door office and bought the Domino there. So I really can't say whether or not that the Domino is what Overhead Door supplies -- or supplied 15 years ago. Maybe they have their own brand. Maybe it is up to the local branch to decide which keypad they offer for sale or for installation by them. by Terrance P a
ANSWER: Not sure. It looked exactly like the one I broke. by Martin R a
ANSWER: Yes it should , My OH Door is 20 years old and works fine. by S C a
ANSWER: Yes it works with the older unit. I have my unit for 15 years and when my daughter broke the cover I ordered this it popped right on. out of the box an installed in a minute. I will tell you I paid less than $3 by D B a