Domino Engineering GD-1 Universal Garage Door Opener Wired Keypad

Domino Engineering GD-1 Universal Garage Door Opener Wired Keypad

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Domino Engineering GD-1 Universal Garage Door Opener Wired Keypad
Domino Engineering GD-1 Universal Garage Door Opener Wired Keypad
Product Description
The Domino Engineering GD-1 universal garage door opener entry keypad from North Shore Commercial Door is compatible with all garage door openers that allow installation of additional wired push buttons. This is a wired Domino garage door keypad with a lighted keypad and easy three-step programming. It's slightly over a half-inch thick and just five inches long, which makes it only of the more compact surface-mount keypads available.

Choose a one-digit code to six-digit security code. This hard-wired garage door opener keypad has a protective flip cover to protect the keypad from rain, dust, snow and other elements. Three AA alkaline batteries are included with a durable keypad crafted from ABS plastic and rubber. The back-lighted keypad has a low-power warning, and to increase security, will shut off for one minute after five wrong entries.

Product Highlights:

  • GD-1
  • Easy, three-step programming
  • Compatible with all garage door opener brands that allow installation of extra keypads
  • Protective flip cover
  • 1-digit to 6-digit security code choices
  • ABS plastic and rubber construction
  • Includes 3 AA batteries
  • 1-minute wrong entries cutoff
  • Hard wired
  • Lighted keypad w/ wired plug
  • Compact: 5 in. long x 2 in. wide x 9/16 in. deep
  • Electrical output: 1-amp dry contact relay: 3 to 3.5-second activation
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COMMENT: An excellent product at a fair price. by John G 10/8/2017
COMMENT: needed a way to open garage door from other than car by Lawrence Z 9/22/2017
QUESTION: does it come in white? by None N 6/19/2017
ANSWER: Yes it does. Mine is white. by andrew S a
QUESTION: battery or house current? by None N 10/31/2016
ANSWER: current, however a battery back-up using the homes current as a maintainer for those battery's would be ideal. it would also be great if the key pad could be wireless to the power box. it's just to much for the average homeowner to drill and seal that little gray phone line. sometimes you need a longer line as well, although not very often, i would think. by Clifford s a
ANSWER: It runs off the current from the garage door opener. by Rich H a
ANSWER: No battery, power comes through the low voltage wire that will connect direct to the opener. by Paul L a
ANSWER: house by doug w a
ANSWER: Battery has worked great by Stewart P a
ANSWER: House current by Nate F a
ANSWER: House current. I love the unit because it is so easy to change the combination. by Joyce B a
ANSWER: House. by Roger S a
QUESTION: I had two power wires coming into my old Domino keypad. How would I connect my power wires to this unit that has the phone connector? by Dianne R 10/25/2016
ANSWER: the 2 wires connect to the back of box, not the key pad, phone line connects to box and key pad. by K W a
QUESTION: want to replace the batteries, but where is the place I can open the unit? by None N 9/14/2016
ANSWER: The batteries are inside the unit that is inside the garage. No batteries in keypad that is outside. Remove cover from unit inside garage and you will see batteries by Mike M a
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