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EIS-Entry 4 Audio GSM Phone Unit

EIS-Entry 4 Audio GSM Phone Unit
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EIS-Entry 4 Audio GSM Phone Unit
EIS-Entry 4 Audio GSM Phone Unit
Product Description
EIS-4 is a simple to install GSM phone unit that calls you when visitors visit your home or office, allowing you to control visitor access through your mobile device and/or landline phone. This unit is easily accessible allowing up to 1000 caller ID numbers as well as backlighting for easy visibility. To install, post or surface mount the ESI-4 then connect to a power supply, create a phone number for the unit to dial, and insert a SIM card.
  • 20,000 log events allowed
  • Post or surface mount
  • Backlit for easy visibility
  • Wiegand 26 bit input and output
  • Allows up to 1000 caller ID numbers
  • Wireless carrier 3G-GSM supported
  • 2 relay outputs and 2 alarm inputs
  • Allows 5 users per call button
  • Stainless steel front plate with powder coated lockable housing
  • Surface or post mount

  • Power supply: 14.4-24 VDC / 12-16 VAC
  • Current consumption:
  • Transmitting mode: 310 mA / 14 VDC
  • Idle mode: 240mA / 14 VDC
  • QUAD band GSM module:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • face band UMTS module:800/850/1900/2100
  • Unit dimensions:11 x 7-1/2 x 2-3/8"
  • External patch antenna SMA:1
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