EMX Radio Controls

The EMX Long Range series of radio controls are a perfect solution for homeowners and facility engineers who are looking to extend the range of their current radio controls. On this page, you will find long-range remotes and long-range receivers that have an incredible 650' opener air range. North Shore Commercial Door is the world leader and go-to company for all gate, garage door, and garage door opener parts and controls. Increase the operating range of your garage door opener or gate operator remote controllers by installing the EMX LR-650 Long Range Receiver. This receiver is perfect for use in residential and commercial settings where longer range controls are a necessity. This receiver can provide up to 650 feet of open-air range and can be used with EMX LR-652-TX and EMX LR-650 transmitters. Also check out the EMX LR-650-TX One Button Transmitter. With a frequency of 315 MHz, some 68 billion codes possible, and a handy key chain ring, it’s great for those who need quality and convenience.

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