EMX KPX100 Weather Resistant Keypad Entry for Gates and Doors

EMX KPX100 Weather Resistant Keypad Entry for Gates and Doors

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Item# KPX100
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EMX KPX100 Weather Resistant Keypad Entry for Gates and Doors
EMX KPX100 Weather Resistant Keypad Entry for Gates and Doors
Product Description
If you need a quality, weather resistant key pad gate for commercial or residential use, consider the EMX KPX100 Keypad Entry for Gates and Doors from North Shore Commercial Door. The KPX 100 features dual relay output, a programmable keypad and backlit all metal key buttons contained in a rugged housing that can accommodate high traffic areas. You can connect this entry door keypad to 12V to 24V AC or DC power supplies and this device has two output modes, a 5 Amp relay with dry contacts (Type C) recommended for door strike controls and a 1 Amp relay dry contact (Type C). The second output is an auxiliary output that is controlled by the user code 2 and is used for controlling security systems and automatic operators.
  • Anodized and powder coated steel outer housing that is vandal and weather resistant (weather proof)
  • More than 100 million four to eight digit codes
  • 100 user codes on Relay 1; 10 users on Relay 2
  • Universal mounting options for mounting on wall, post or gooseneck stand
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COMMENT: What I needed. by David D 9/20/2017
COMMENT: Had this keypad for 5 years, worked well. Knocked out by lightning- happy to replace with same type. . by Gregory H 9/10/2017
QUESTION: What battery does it use? Does it come with the battery? by None N 9/6/2016
ANSWER: I did not use a battery. I direct connected it to a 110 outlet. When I had it on the 24volt batteries of the gate motor it kept draining them of power. by ALAN P a
ANSWER: This unit runs on hardwire power. It requires a 12-24v power supply. This may be supplied by the gate or door you plan to connect it to, otherwise you will need to attach a separate power supply. Be sure the power supply at the unit is 12-24v, otherwise the relays will not close. Also ensure polarity is correct to avoid damage to the relays. I attached the unit to a garage door opener- the opener supplied 11 volts and would not operate the relays. I attached a separate 12v power supply and it works well. by James R a
QUESTION: how to change or add a code ? by None N 1/11/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="https://sep.yimg.com/ty/cdn/yhst-16416632405890/EMX-KPX100-Manual.pdf?t=1553286385&" target="_blank">http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-16416632405890/EMX-KPX100-Manual.pdf</a> by Taylor M a
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