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EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver

EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
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Item# LR-650-RX
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EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
EMX LR-650-RX Long Range Receiver
Product Description
Increase the operating range of your garage door opener or gate operator remote controllers by installing the EMX LR-650 Long Range Receiver. Affordable and available at North Shore Commercial Door, this receiver is perfect for use in residential and commercial settings were longer range controls are a necessity. This receiver can provide up to 650 feet of open air range and can be used with EMX LR-652-TX and EMX LR-650 transmitters.
  • Operating voltage ranges from 11Vto 24V AC/DC with current
  • Drain as low as 8mA making it great for solar applications
  • Form C output NO/NC/Common, 4 output modes 1sec, 4sec momentary, toggle and latch
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COMMENT: These work quite well. Have not had any issues so far. by Ted M 1/18/2017
COMMENT: Helping a friend repair his gate operator by Maria S 4/1/2016
QUESTION: What is the minimum reliable range of this unit? by CHARLES W 8/28/2015
STAFF ANSWER: 650ft by Matthew O a
QUESTION: what do you mean "long range"? How many feet? by David G 8/20/2015
ANSWER: I bought two of these units and tested them both using line-of-sight with nothing between them. At 150 feet they were dependably usable. At 270 feet the units were so undependable that I aborted them for my intended use.<br />I then added the optional external antennas with no noticeable improvement regardless of antenna orientation. I would not recommend these units for use over 150'; less if they will have structures around them such as an enclosure.<br />Yes, I did everything right! ME - FCC licensed career electronics technician with 30+ years experience. by William I a
STAFF ANSWER: Up to 1600 feet. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a transmitting bluetooth device. How does that device work with yours? by None N 4/28/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You already have an external device for bluetooth garage door operation? If it is an external receiver then you would just add this device separate. by Matthew O a
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