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E-Z Detector Checker

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E-Z Detector Checker The E-Z Detector Checker is the only device of its kind that can help pinpoint what is causing the problem within a loop circuit by the art of substitution. This device fits in your hand and all you have to do is simply hook it up in place of the currently installed loop to start the troubleshooting of your system. E-Z Detector Checker has an LED light that lights up if the loop is being energized by the detector. This allows you to decide if the detector/harness wiring is sending power to the loop or not. With simply pressing the red button you can imitate a loop trip, and decide if the detector is functioning correctly and make sure the gate operator is responding to the detectors command. The E-Z Detector Checker test the harness wiring/circuit board connection and the detector. The E-Z Detector Checker does not test the loop, in order to test the loop you must use the megohmmeter. Also the E-Z Detector Checker can be used to help rapidly calibrate open/close limits and swing timers.
  • Reduces the chance of cutting in a new loop when the problem was in the detector circuit.
  • Allows the chance to increase your earnings by cutting down your service time and reducing repetitive service calls.
  • Unit is encased in a tough PVC shell.
  • Never needs batter replacement, unit is powered by the operator.