Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1"

Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1"

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Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1"
Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1"
Product Description
Looking for a Garage Door Spring Bar Bearing ? Look no further! We refer to this product as a Flanged Radial Bearing and the specific unit we offer here is made for Torsion Bars with a 1 inch Inside Diameter and a 2 inch outside diameter. This bearing has a 400LB Load rating and is an industry standard part. This bearing is sometimes found inside your station cone of your torsion springs. You will also find this bearing pressed into your End Brackets above the left and right side of the garage door next to the cable drums.


1 Inch Inside Diameter (1" I.D.)

2 inch outside diameter (2" O.D.)

400LB Load Rating
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COMMENT: The one on my door was plastic. Metal should last longer with proper lubrication. by Rian M 9/19/2017
COMMENT: Old bearing felt worn and loose. Also, it was well placed when I added the spring, and I was able to add the bearing and cables as well. by Gordon R 9/5/2017
QUESTION: will this bearing fit the janus 550 and 650 models? by Paul L 7/6/2016
STAFF ANSWER: This is a universal bearing by Taylor M a
QUESTION: do the bearings come as a pair for quantity of 1or do I need to order quantity of 2? by None N 5/14/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Sold by 1 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can this bearing be used to replace the bearing installed in the end plate? Or does the entire end plate need to be replaced? by Michael T 3/17/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Either way works. by Matthew O a