Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1" Heavy Duty

Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1" Heavy Duty

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Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1" Heavy Duty
Flanged Radial Garage Door Bearing, 1" Heavy Duty
Product Description
Heavy Duty Garage Door Torsion Spring setup Bearing.

Flanged ball bearing, 2" Outside Diameter

1 Inch inside Diameter

900lb load rating
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COMMENT: because its "heavy duty" by LARRY E 9/25/2017
COMMENT: wanted a upgrade bearing by Ernest O 4/1/2017
QUESTION: Buying Torsion Springs left and right with cones, do I need to buy a radial door bearing? If so, why? What are they for? by Paul M 9/30/2016
ANSWER: I replaced my bearings because of the age of my garage door. i didn't want to have new torsion springs installed and then have the old bearings malfunction afterwards causing me to redo the job all over again.I looked at this as preventative maintenance. by Galen D a
ANSWER: I bought it because the old spring set was older and incorrectly installed and, as a result, the old spring broke. I figured while everything's apart, why not replace the bearing. It was tough to remove. I didn't have a good bearing puller and used a wood block with a slightly larger diameter hole to help. The bearing allows the shaft to spin freely. I also replaced the cables on the left and right. This wasn't necessary, but I did it anyway. by Mario C a
QUESTION: takes a 1inch bearing for tube however spring is 2 inches id would this change anything wii this 1 inch bearing fit in 2inch spring? the cones may be same for diifeent size diameter spring by First Name L 2/23/2013
ANSWER: First Name L:<br />The 1" bearings install on your end support plates which the 1" shaft passes through. If you need to replace them you will need to unload your torsion springs and if you do not have a special tool to remove the old bearings you will need to improvise to press the old springs out and install the new springs in the end plate supports. Your springs do not require bearing however, there is a Nylon Wear Bearing which slides over the shaft and rides at the center shaft support holding the shaft off the center bearing support plate.<br />What ever you do regarding your garage door, always think safety first. YouTube has great DIY videos regarding all of this.<br />Good luck and be safe. by William R a
ANSWER: Yes this bearing fits perfectly inside the 2" spring cone. The 1" refers to the diameter of the whole for the tube. Hope this helps. by Juancarlo J a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will fit. That is what these are designed for. by Matthew O a