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Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer

Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
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Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Garage Door 1 -1/2 " X 1-3/8 "Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door carries the Garage Door 1.5 inch by 1.375 inch Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer. Easy to install, this retainer will help keep the elements from affecting your garage and raising heating costs. Made of sturdy aluminum, this retainer is easy to install and long-lasting. Sold in 4.5 foot lengths, you may need to purchase more than one to meet the size of certain garages. Other facts about this product include:

  • It will accept .25 inch or 0.3125 inch T-style bulb, rubber of vinyl seal.
  • It is four foot six inches by 1.5 inches by 1.375 inch aluminum retainer.
  • It is available in mill finish.
  • Alternative SKU: 1-5X1-3-8AR
This garage door retainer is a solid purchase when looking to improve your garage in an economical manner. North Shore Commercial Door has been selling products like the Garage Door 1.5 inch by 1.375 inch Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer for over 35 years and our experience really shines through. Contact us online or by phone with questions and our friendly customer service staff will assist you.

Garage Door 1 -1/2
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I have mice in my garage by Scott G 9/18/2017
COMMENT: Repair garage door. by Xiangbao J 8/18/2017
QUESTION: how is this item attached to the bottom of my wooden garage door? by None N 2/4/2015
ANSWER: Put the flange on the inside and install screws, then thread the gasket on to the track by Steven C a
ANSWER: Slide it on after you have installed the rubber seal. Installing the seal will require two hands. Once the rubber seal is fully installed on the individual sections you lift up the entire section, using two people, with the flange to the inside of the wooden door.<br /><br />Install the supplied fasteners and you are done. It will take about 20-30 minutes start to finish.<br /><br />One final note: Prior to installing the rubber seal, make sure you have measured the sections and cut the last section to match the overall length. Install seal, raise up, install. DONE by Jim P a
ANSWER: Drill holes a few feet apart along the side wall of the aluminum retainer and use 1/2 " screws to attach the retainer to garage door through the holes you just drill. by Lawrence L a
ANSWER: Attach with screws after drilling correct size holes in retainer. Very simple by Frank K a
QUESTION: Will the xcluder rodent block garage door seal fit either a 1-1/2" X 1-3/8 or 2" X 2" Aluminum bottom seal retainer? by GR W 9/19/2014
ANSWER: Yes. We have the 1 3/8 size and there is more than enough rubber to fit the 2". I had to adjust the hardware at the top of the door because the seal was so much thicker than the foam weather stripping. So with the 2 inch thick door, you might have less size issues to deal with. These door seals are great if your cement is not perfectly level. We used to have a 1/4" gap on one side and snow would blow in, but the new seal has solved that problem. by Stephanie G a
REPLY: Thank You,very helpful by GR W r
QUESTION: Would weather seal 154448 work with this part? If not, what is the correct seal to use with this? by Brad G 8/29/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The ultra T seal or any or our T-Rubber / T-Vinyl will work on this track by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Do retainer screws come with track ? If not how many needed for 4 1/2 foot section? by None N 8/7/2014
ANSWER: Screws do NOT come with. I used 1" sheet metal screws. I like to be thorough so I used 10 from the side and 10 from the bottom. I am sure others would recommend something different but I am not sure there is a clear answer. My door works and looks great. by Christopher L a
ANSWER: As I recall, no. There weren't holes, either. I drilled 3/16" holes every foot or so centered on the bottom to augment the glue I used to secure it to the garage door by Michael F a
ANSWER: No retainer screws come with the track. I bolted the track to the door and have no screws holding the rubber seal on a 7.5 foot wide door and it has not moved. by Tim V a