Garage Door 1 5/8" Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer

Garage Door 1 5/8" Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer

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Item# 1-5-8AR
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Garage Door 1 5/8" Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Garage Door 1 5/8" Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door carries a Garage Door 1.625 inch Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer to help keep moisture, debris and pests out of your garage. It is also an economical method to reducing heating and cooling costs by improving the garage's resistance to the elements. This aluminum retainer:

  • Is designed to accept .25 inch or 1.3125 inch T-style vinyl, rubber or bulb seal.
  • Is available in an attractive mill finish.
  • Measures at four foot six inches by 1.625 inches.
We've been in business for over 35 years and that doesn't happen without quality products and attentive customer service. When you are in need of items to repair or improve your garage, North Shore Commercial Door is the go-to place to get everything you want including helpful and friendly customer service. Check out our Garage Door 1.625 inch Aluminum Bottom Seal Retainer today.
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COMMENT: Appropriate for needs by Matthew D 7/16/2017
COMMENT: I need to replace an old track and have the rubber seal that use this channel by David H 5/14/2017
QUESTION: My Clopay door is 1.5 inches thick. Will the 1 5/8 inch product work in this situation? by Kenneth C 8/31/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Should work fine ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can I buy the 9' Aluminum bottom strip without having to buy the kit? by None N 8/28/2016
ANSWER: When I bought the aluminum strip and rubber sweep, they were separate items because there are multiple configurations of the sweep such as rodent block or plain. I never saw a "kit" available that included both parts. by Shannon S a
ANSWER: Yes I believe so. by Stephen M a
QUESTION: I have a Coplay garage door that has a 2" wide 2-tee Chanel aluminum retainer. I can not find a 2" replacement anywhere. Do you have one? Will a 1-5/8' Item# 1-5-8AR work? If so, do I center the narrower retainer of when mounting on the bottom of the door or move it closer to the outside? I will also be purchasing Xcluder seal. Would 3" width work with a 2" or the 1-5/8 retainer? by D F 12/6/2015
STAFF ANSWER: both products would work together I recommend this retainer for your situation <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a 10 foot door how do i make this product fit? do you have 5 foot sections? by Tom L 3/2/2015
ANSWER: It comes in four foot sections. You will need two full sections plus two feet. If memory serves, shorter pieces can be ordered. At worst, you would have two feet left over. I used it on a 28 foot door with the rodent block sweep, which is purchased separately. by Shannon S a
STAFF ANSWER: no, we only have it in 4'6" sections. Please order 3 and cut 1' off of the third piece. Thank you. by Matthew O a