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Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.

Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
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Item# HI014-01-H
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Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 1 Hinge 14GA.
Product Description
North Shore Commercial is here to make your garage door hinge repairs as easy and efficient as possible. That’s why our website offers replacement products that will give our customers the most bang for their buck.

Before Dealing with garage door hinges there are a few details you need to know. Most hinges are numbered according to their placement on the door. The lower the number, the closer the hinge is to the bottom of the door. For instance; A #1 hinge is typically found in between the first two panels on the left, center, and right sides of the door.

Our hinges made of corrosion resistant 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel are for use with a standard 7/16” outer diameter stem roller. The Gauge of the steel refers to how thick the metal is, which in this case is the industry standard residential for hinges.

If you are unable to find the number stamped into your hinge, please view our chart at the bottom of the ad.

Product Overview:

• 14 Gauge Corrosion Resistant Garage Door #1 Hinge made from Galvanized Steel.

• Hinge #1 replaces hinge between 1st and 2nd sections on left & right side of door & all center positions.

• Roller tube accepts a standard 7/16" outer diameter stem roller

• Dimensions: Width: 2 7/8" X Height: 7 1/2"

• This #1 Hinge is for use with most sectional garage doors

• Should have #1 embossed on the existing hinge

• Used by most garage door manufacturers

How to Measure Your Hinge
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COMMENT: mine broke by Dan W 9/30/2017
COMMENT: Because mine is broken. by Jerry S 6/20/2017
QUESTION: how wide is this hinge? by richard d 10/26/2015
STAFF ANSWER: 2.5 inches by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What is the width of the # 1, #2, and #3 hinges? The box stores sell hinges too wide.<br /><br />Thank you. by Rbba A 8/10/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Each hinge is Approximately 2.5" wide by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I need commercial hinges, 11 gauge. Do you hinges for commercial doors ? by None N 2/1/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, Please email our staff @ <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or call 800-783-6112 for a quote. by Matthew O a