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Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.

Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
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Item# HI014-02-H
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Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Garage Door # 2 Hinge 14GA.
Product Description
Replacing garage door hardware doesn’t have to be painful and frustrating. North Shore Commercial does the hard work for you by finding the best hinges on the market for a great value. Our company aims to make your repairs easy, efficient, and effortless. North Shore Commercial stands behind our replacement products that give our customers the most bang for their buck.

Looking for garage door hinges is tricky, and there are a few details you need to know. Most hinges are numbered according to their placement on the door. The lower the number, the closer the hinge is to the bottom of the door. For instance; The # 2 hinge would typically be found in between the second and third panels on the left, and right sides of the door.

North Shore Commercial offers corrosion resistant hinges made with 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel for use with a standard 7/16” outer diameter stem roller. The Gauge of the steel refers to how thick the metal is, which in this case is the industry standard residential for hinges.

If you are unable to find the number stamped into your hinge, please view our chart at the bottom of the ad.

Product Overview:

• 14 Gauge Corrosion Resistant Garage Door # 2 Hinge made from Galvanized Steel.

• Hinge # 2 replaces hinge between 2nd and 3rd sections on left & right side of door.

• Roller tube accepts a standard 7/16" outer diameter stem roller

• This # 2 Hinge is for use with most sectional garage doors

• Should have # 2 embossed on the existing hinge Used by most garage door manufacturers

How to Measure Your Hinge
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I need to replaces it on my garage door by fabian m 7/19/2017
QUESTION: The hinge #2 I have to replace is only 2" wide. How wide are the hinges you have? by None N 5/17/2016
ANSWER: my Hinge was only 2" wide. The one I received was 2.5" wide, however it worked just fine. by david k a
ANSWER: My hinges were only 1-5/8" wide. The hinges supplied by North Shore are 2-3/4" wide. Still they could have been made to work if the old door I have had not been structurally configured to work only with the hinges that were selected for it, that is, a hinge design that is no longer made. Hopefully, your old hinges are configured laid out similar to the #2 hinge that North Shore offers. If so, the wider hinge will likely be adaptable to your application. by Rocky S a
ANSWER: The North Shore hinge is 2 1/2 " wide. by William N a
ANSWER: The #2 hinge is about 2 3/4" wide. Good luck! by David G a
QUESTION: Can I get dimesions to confirm this will work for my door? Maybe hole position? by None N 12/27/2012
ANSWER: hinge #1 - #2 - #3 are stardard garage door hinges that are for specific positions on the door; just make sure you are purchasing replacements that match up to existing hinge. Look for the the numbers 1, 2, 3 on the existing hinges of your door. The gage number like 14GA; tells you the strength of the hinge. These items can be found at any local hardware store. The difference is only in cost which is the key when buying from North Shore. by R O a
ANSWER: If the hinge you are replacing has a 2 stamped into it then this is the correct hinge. They all have the same hole pattern. I have been replacing parts on my 22 year old doors for years now and I just look at the number stamped on the hinge I have and order that number. Always works for me. Hope this helps. by S M a
QUESTION: what side is left or right ? by None N 12/3/2012
ANSWER: It doesn't matter. They can be used on either side of the door. Its more important to make sure you put them on rightside up. When I work on a project I often take a picture of the area I'm working on to make sure I put the new parts in the right way. If you have a cell phone you probably have a camera on it and coud snap a picture for reference.<br /><br />Good luck with your project! by M I a
ANSWER: It doesn't matter what side of the door as long as it corresponds to the other side of the door; 1-1-1-1, 2-2-2-2, 3-3-3-3, and so on accross the door. by R O a