Garage Door 5-1/2" Sheave Pulley with Bolt

Garage Door  5-1/2" Sheave Pulley with Bolt

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Garage Door 5-1/2" Sheave Pulley with Bolt
Garage Door  5-1/2" Sheave Pulley with Bolt
Product Description
Garage Door 5-1/2" Sheave Pulley with Bolt

Mounted on two pressed steel ball bearings

1200lb load rating

Casted with two precision bearings

Width: .75"

Diameter: 5 1/2"

Bore Size: 5/8"

This pulley should accommodate a 1/4" inch wire.

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COMMENT: Making barn doors. These work great as the rollers by Anthony N 4/25/2016
COMMENT: Replace a broken sheave by Helio R 1/2/2016
ANSWER: yes<br />? upper limit maybe ?<br />yes by JERRY U a
ANSWER: The bolt is removable. I do not know the load capacity.<br />The track on the pulley is approximately 7/16 inch wide on the outside rim, tapering to approximately 3/16 on the inside base. I believe it would accommodate a 5/16 cable but I do not have any cable of that size to test with. by stephen h a
ANSWER: These pulleys are very heavy duty cast iron. The bolt is removable, the bearing is a ball bearing, 5/16 cable is a very large diameter cable so it should be verified before installing, and the pulley load rating is 1,200 lbs. by PAUL B a
QUESTION: What size cable will the grove on this item take? 1/4"? by Tommy T 8/15/2014
ANSWER: yes, but by elevator standards it is only good for 1/8" - 30 times the diameter of the wire rope. by I N a
ANSWER: I only replaced one set but my recollection is that it would take 1/4" cable. These pulleys are the best I have ever seen. Heavy cast iron with ball bearings, they will never need replacing again. My commercial door had the conventional style and needed replacing often, and the danger of the high tension cables tearing away from a cheap pulley can be deadly, so when I installed these pulleys my worries went away, plus now there is very smooth operation. Good luck with them! by PAUL B a
ANSWER: easily up to 3/8. This is a heavy duty pulley, I think up to 1000 lbs. by Kathleen F a
QUESTION: Is the bearing ID 1/2" and is the stud removable? by Chip G 4/2/2013
ANSWER: Don't know about the bearing id but I can tell you the stud is removable. by spencer s a
ANSWER: The bolt is removable. However, I believe it's a 9/16"-18 thread. The diameter is larger than a 1/2" bolt. Hope this helps. by F R a
QUESTION: do you carry the same type but in 3 or 4 inch what would the price be . and are they still 1200 pounds ? by None N 3/30/2013
STAFF ANSWER: We do have those available but the weight rating is not the same and it is just the pulley, not the pulley with a bolt. <br />Heavy Duty Sheave Pulley 4":<br />•200LB load rating<br />•Max cable diameter = 1/47"<br />•3/8" bore by Matthew O a