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Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal

Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal
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Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 4-3/4" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Product Description

A weather seal is an important addition to your garage and North Shore Commercial Door carries the durable 4.75 inch T vinyl weather seal. Designed to fit garage doors manufactured by Safeway, Richard Wilcox, Gadco, Raynor, Martin, Deldon, DBCI, Amarr, Arm-R-Lite, Chi and Clopay, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for from North Shore Commercial Door. A weather seal can be key to maintaining heating and cooling costs. Your garage is an important asset to your home or business and you want to keep it in great shape. The benefits to installing a T vinyl weather seal include:

  • Previously known as FR-475
  • Toughness in extreme weather conditions.
  • Versatility to fit a large number of garage door manufacturers.
  • Designed with a 5/16 inch "T" to fit most retainers.
North Shore Commercial Door has been serving the needs of our customers for over 35 years. Our caring and friendly staff will assist you with your questions online or over the phone. We accept all major credit cards, ship anywhere in the U.S. and internationally. When in need of a weather seal, the place to go is North Shore Commercial Door.

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Appears to be exact fit for existing seal by Bobbie B 10/6/2017
COMMENT: Same as original product. My seal shrunk in size. by Russ F 8/13/2017
QUESTION: How come I cannot select the width in which I want to order the weather seal with the 4-3/4? Also do you carry this in a grey color? by Samuel W 12/12/2014
ANSWER: Not completely sure of your question, however, if you watch the short video on the North Shore site, it might help with the answer. I assume if the company carried the 4-3/4 weather seal in grey, it would be offered. There is a different size in grey on their site. by R O a
STAFF ANSWER: This is the 4-3/4" it is only available in the color black. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I installed this on my 2 garage doors. During a recent rain storm, water flowed into the seal and on opening the door about a quart of water came flowing out one end. Is there a way to seal the ends, or another way to address the problem I'm having? by gavin L 11/3/2014
ANSWER: It is very important to allow enough overlap at each end of your door to provide adequate seal against both ends of the door opening. Also, slipping a length garden hose or similar material into the seal will stiffen the material and sometimes provide a tighter seal with the floor.<br /><br />Good luck. by JAMES G a
ANSWER: Per my husband:<br />The water is entering through the ends of the seal on each side of the door.<br /><br />Use some Permatex super weatherstrip adhesive and apply it per directions on the box to both ends of the seal inside each end; allow to dry as directed; clamp for a hour or so to make sure it bonds. This should keep the water out. by R O a
QUESTION: I purchased a botom seal from HD 2.5" for 16ft door and it was unable to close gap on Left side of door. Garage door is level, just slope of foundation. Would a larger seal close gap, about .5" gap remaining. Wife wont use garage until I can prove it is rodent and snake proof? by Thomas B 5/7/2014
ANSWER: Maybe since you're only talking about a half-inch gap Tom, maybe you can gradually slope the weather seal to fit the slope of the foundation. A wider seal may cause problems on the lower side. by Robert W a
ANSWER: Sure will! I used a 6" one when the contractor screwed up my cement floor way too low and it works perfectly. The 4" one would be plenty if you only need to make up another 1/2" or so. The excess just squishes out on the floor and seals better.<br /><br />Bob by R S a
ANSWER: I purchased the same sized 2.5" from HD and it left gaps on the bottom seal. I purchased the 4-3/4" seal from North Shore and it fixed the problem. No more gaps. by PRISCILLA W a
ANSWER: yes by Lawrence J a
ANSWER: The 4-3/4" width seal installed will cover a total gap of 1-1/2 inches on the bottom of door to the floor. Hope that helps. by M A a
ANSWER: Yes, I think it would. We bought an extra wide one with that idea in mind - our foundation is a bit out of level on one side too. The wider seal helped fill in the void and just mashes down further where the foundation is level. Worth a try! by R O a
ANSWER: Yes it will Thomas, I had the very same problem and the wider one did the trick. by Jeffrey E a
ANSWER: Yes it should work. I had a similar situation with one of my clients. the garage floor had a crack and heave in the middle of the concrete floor. Same issue they were really worried about critters. The larger seal adds about an inch more sealing surface. You will probably need 2 people to install it, one to pull it on and another to guide it into the track. by Mike B a
QUESTION: Will this 4 3/4 inch cover a 2 1/2 gap at the bottom of a 16 ft garage door? The garage cement floor has a "crown" in the middle. by None N 5/28/2013
ANSWER: i think the total seal top to bottom is 3"<br /><br />When the garage door closes it pushes the seal flat.<br /><br />you would have to put a hose on each side of the crown and im not sure if it would fill the whole 2 1/2 gap by mitchell a a
ANSWER: I believe you'd be short. by Carl E a
ANSWER: I used it to cover a gap of 1.75 in. on a 7x9 door.It was perfect for that application. I would go wider for your gap of 2.5 in. if they make them wider, maybe 6 in.or so.Hope this helped and good luck! Dave C. by M A a
ANSWER: A 21/2 inch gap is fairly significant. I would approach it in the following manner.<br />Replace the weather seal with this new product. It will provide the extra flexibilty necessary to fill your gap.<br />Also, it is helpful to save the old weather seal. You cut it for length and slide it inside the new seal to provide extra width in the area of your gap.If this still is not sufficient, you may need to purchase a floor threshold that would glue to the floor and seal the remainder of your gap. However, do not be afraid to begin with the new seal. That is unless you plan to replace the floor. Good luck! by JAMES G a
ANSWER: No, it will not. Once installed the vinyl isn't even 2.5" tall. by AUGUSTINE F a