Standard Garage Door Brush Seal 1-3 Inches B07-BRUSH - 4ft lengths

Solid and simple seals with clamped aluminum rod and thick vinyl bristles to block out drafts, fumes, particulate and more

Standard Garage Door Brush Seal 1-3 Inches B07-BRUSH - 4ft lengths

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Item# B07-BRUSH
Brush Size: 
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Standard Garage Door Brush Seal 1-3 Inches B07-BRUSH - 4ft lengths
Standard Garage Door Brush Seal 1-3 Inches B07-BRUSH - 4ft lengths
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door carries Standard Brush Seal, in stock and ready to ship!


  • Item Number: B07-BRUSH
  • Standard Garage Door Brush Seal
  • Available in four (4) different brush sizes:
    • 1” Brush (B0768-00-W)
    • 1-1/2” Brush (B0769-00-W) 
    • 2” Brush (B0771-00-W) 
    • 3” Brush (B0772-00-W)
  • Order the number of 4-ft. sections you need, in the brush size you want
  • Product fits together so well, you will never notice it is installed in sections
  • Bristles wrapped around a steel rod to prevent pull-out
  • Made of versatile, long-lasting filaments that will not hold water or freeze at sub-zero temperatures

Standard Brush Seal is compatible with the following Standard Aluminum Brush Seal Retainers ONLY:

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COMMENT: To seal up my sliding barn doors by Konstantine K 10/8/2017
COMMENT: To seal gap above roll up garage door. by Carolyn K 10/6/2017
QUESTION: These look great but wondering if the bristles would be stiff enough to keep red squirrels and rats from squeezing beneath a pair of 9' rolling barn doors? The pavement is very uneven there and I haven't been able to come up with a solution other than a brush type seal by Briand B 10/6/2017
ANSWER: I don't think it would keep them out if they tried to get through it but it may deter them from seeing the opening..... by John C a
ANSWER: i'd say yes it will keep nine out of 10 animals out of your barn but if the really determined they can push through or just eat through the side of your barn. The bristles aren't super stiff but they do hold their shape good by Huyen N a
QUESTION: Is Four Foot As Long As They Come ? by John W 7/3/2017
ANSWER: For shipping they state 4 foot lengths, I imagine you can get 8-10 foot if you could pick them up by Samuel P a
ANSWER: I think, for ease of shipping, 4 foot sections. Just add on as needed and cut to fit. by Linda C a
QUESTION: I need 200 feet of brush seal where are you located? by Louie P 5/5/2017
STAFF ANSWER: We are located in Cleveland OH by Taylor M a
QUESTION: do all your brushes come with the attachments? by None N 4/6/2017
STAFF ANSWER: They do not. You will need to purchase the retainers seperately. by Taylor M a