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Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors

Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors
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Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 27" X 48" for 8' High Doors
Product Description
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Determine the door weight and door height:

1. The pull weight of an extension spring is determined by the color code found on the end of the spring. See Chart Below.

2. Measure door the height.

3.Springs are only sold in pairs. If you cannot determine the color code, it will be necessary to weigh the door.

To Weigh Your Door:

1. Raise door completely. Disconnect power and lifting arm of garage door opener.

2. Fasten "C" clamps or vice grips under bottom rollers to retain door. With tension completely off extension springs, disconnect springs from track support.

3. Remove "C" clamps or vice grips and lower door by hand. Note that entire weight of door, which could exceed several hundred pounds, has to be lowered slowly by hand so more than one person is needed.

4. Set bathroom scale to zero and place under center of door and record door weight.

5. If door weight exceeds capacity of the scale, use 2 bathroom scales. Add a 2 x 4 with one end on one scale and the other on a second scale with the door perpendicular to the 2 x 4. Add the respective weight from each scale together to get the total weight of the garage door.

DASMA Spring Color Codes:
10 lbs WHITE
20 lbs GREEN
30 lbs YELLOW
40 lbs BLUE
50 lbs RED
60 lbs BROWN
70 lbs ORANGE
80 lbs GOLD
90 lbs LT BLUE
100 lbs TAN
110 lbs WHITE
120 lbs GREEN
130 lbs YELLOW
140 lbs BLUE
150 lbs RED
160 lbs BROWN
170 lbs ORANGE
180 lbs GOLD
190 lbs LT BLUE
200 lbs TAN
210 lbs WHITE
220 lbs GREEN
230 lbs YELLOW
240 lbs BLUE
250 lbs RED
260 lbs BROWN
270 lbs ORANGE
280 lbs GOLD
290 lbs LT BLUE
300 lbs TAN

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: good product at an affordable price - nice people with questions by George W 6/26/2017
COMMENT: I used the box store 125 lb 7 ft door springs and the door would not stay up and came down FAST by Wayne K 4/5/2017
QUESTION: I have had to replace the Home Depot springs too often. How do I know if the quality is better? Can this be in the coil diam or can I go to an 8' door spring for my 7' door? It is the red 150# springs. by Robert O 11/22/2016
ANSWER: I did order two red 150# springs for one of my garage doors a few years ago and have not had any problems. Good quality to date. by Brian K a
ANSWER: I have an 8 ft garage door so I needed 8ft springsnot easily available at Home Depot. <br />If you have a 7ft door you needed 7ft spring.<br />Spring are good for about 10,000 opening. So with 4 opening per day about 1,400 openings per year they last about 7 years. <br />The most important factor is the weight of your garage door when ordering the correct springs.<br />I followed North Shore's recommendation of using a bath room scale to wiegh the door. Be careful, the door can be very heavy, my was 180 LBS! by William T a
QUESTION: If my garage door is 8 ft high and 9 ft width aluminum panels with no insulation or inner linings and the spring color at the end seems to be white can ;you tell me what spring package weight should I purchase? by Bobbie B 3/27/2014
ANSWER: I have no idea. But what I do know is that you have to weigh your garage door in order to order the correct springs. It has been a while but I think these springs are for a 140 lb door. by S H a
STAFF ANSWER: No, Sorry. You have to weigh your door to be certain. Some manufactures used different colors for different sizes. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I can not tell from the picture, but is the end of each spring a partial loop or several loops? by None N 8/12/2013
ANSWER: There is double loop at each end of the spring. I do have to let you know that I didn't use the springs for my door though....the diameter of the spring is much smaller than the one I needed to replace and wasn't strong enough. by C A a
ANSWER: several loops <br />no open end hook by S H a
QUESTION: If my door weights 250 pounds and has 2 springs on each side of the door, which springs should I buy? by Juan F 5/6/2013
STAFF ANSWER: You need to know the length of the springs when stretched and when relaxed. Measurements will be as follows<br /><br />Relaxed length x Stretched length x door weight. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: my doors weigh 200 pounds and I have one spring on each side of the door by G W a