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Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors

Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors
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Item# 25-42
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Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors
Garage Door Extension Springs 25" X 42" for 7' High Doors
Product Description
For a complete list of garage door extension springs for 7',8',9',10',11',12',13', and 14' tall doors Click Here

Determine the door weight and door height:

1. The pull weight of an extension spring is determined by the color code found on the end of the spring. See Chart Below.

2. Measure door the height.

3.Springs are only sold in pairs. If you cannot determine the color code, it will be necessary to weigh the door.

To Weigh Your Door:

1. Raise door completely. Disconnect power and lifting arm of garage door opener.

2. Fasten "C" clamps or vice grips under bottom rollers to retain door. With tension completely off extension springs, disconnect springs from track support.

3. Remove "C" clamps or vice grips and lower door by hand. Note that entire weight of door, which could exceed several hundred pounds, has to be lowered slowly by hand so more than one person is needed.

4. Set bathroom scale to zero and place under center of door and record door weight.

5. If door weight exceeds capacity of the scale, use 2 bathroom scales. Add a 2 x 4 with one end on one scale and the other on a second scale with the door perpendicular to the 2 x 4. Add the respective weight from each scale together to get the total weight of the garage door.

DASMA Spring Color Codes:
10 lbs WHITE
20 lbs GREEN
30 lbs YELLOW
40 lbs BLUE
50 lbs RED
60 lbs BROWN
70 lbs ORANGE
80 lbs GOLD
90 lbs LT BLUE
100 lbs TAN
110 lbs WHITE
120 lbs GREEN
130 lbs YELLOW
140 lbs BLUE
150 lbs RED
160 lbs BROWN
170 lbs ORANGE
180 lbs GOLD
190 lbs LT BLUE
200 lbs TAN
210 lbs WHITE
220 lbs GREEN
230 lbs YELLOW
240 lbs BLUE
250 lbs RED
260 lbs BROWN
270 lbs ORANGE
280 lbs GOLD
290 lbs LT BLUE
300 lbs TAN

For a Complete List of Garage Door Extension Spring Accessories Click Here

For a Complete List of Garage Door Extension Springs Click Here
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COMMENT: For a custom application by Konstantine K 10/8/2017
COMMENT: as replacements by John C 8/15/2017
QUESTION: My 7' garage door weighs 42 lb. the old spring is 32 " with no tension, what spring do I need? by Larry V 10/13/2016
ANSWER: I bought a pair of springs 25 x 42 they are blue but I don't know if colour matters to you. They work great have had no problems. by Jeanette S a
ANSWER: A spring rated at 50#s is more than enough to handle a 42# door. The length of the spring i critical, since the old spring will have stretched some with age. Just orders springs that are close to the length of the old springs, preferably slightly smaller. Compensate by adjusting the lengths of the cables during installation. by Donald R a
QUESTION: You show two springs for 25x42, what is the difference? by None N 4/24/2016
ANSWER: There is no difference, both the same to use on either or both sides. I suppose they show two in order to indicate that you receive two for the order.I by Kent V a
ANSWER: Sorry. I Don't know. by Harry M a
QUESTION: I will replace my door springs. Existing springs are in the range of 25", maybe a little shorter but not longer. They have a yellow paint marking on the end. I think I need the 25 x 42 spring model to replace these springs. Since I have partially disassembled the door, I could only weigh the bottom panel which weighed 33.5 pounds. The bottom panel seems to be a little taller than the other 3 panels of the 7-foot, double wide door. I think the 130# 25 x 42 spring is the correct model replacement for my door. I think you may still direct me to weigh all four door sections before ordering new springs? However, I have an additional question which concerns safety cables running through the springs. My springs currently do not have that feature and I do not see that offered as part of a new spring purchase on your site. Yet, I see that feature offered as part of the spring replacement package at local building supply stores. Please offer your thoughts and whether you can supply safety cables for new spring purchases? Thanks. by None N 2/24/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You will need to weigh the full door also We sell the cable separately. Your best option would be to have a local garage door guy take a look at your door you want to make sure this is all done correctly. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Item 25-42 can be use to garage Door 7' High and 9' widht. Also is shipped to Puerto Rico? by Edgardo M 1/19/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes we can ! by Taylor M a