Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit Foil Backed KGD-2E

Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit Foil Backed KGD-2E
Item# KGD-2E
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Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit Foil Backed KGD-2E
Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit Foil Backed KGD-2E
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has been around for 35 years. We know what it takes to keep your garage in working order. With our Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit Foil Backed KGD-2E, you can reduce your energy costs and improve the look of your garage. This kit is easy to install. Its design will block 95 percent of radiant heat and help the garage maintain a comfortable temperature. When considering whether or not to install this insulation kit, remember the following:

  • It can be installed in less than an hour.
  • There are two kinds of kits available for residential and commercial properties.
  • It will fit doors up to 18 feet by eight feet.
  • It can reduce the amount of noise that enters the garage.
  • It will keep the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • There are no fumes if the garage is used as a residence or a simple hangout.
The Innovative Energy Double-Sided Garage Door Insulation Kit is available from North Shore Commercial Door. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions. Order yours today.
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COMMENT: To hopefully keep our metal garage door from absorbing to much heat. Lower the temp in the garage. by John F 7/26/2016
COMMENT: Good reviews. We need to keep our garage cool in summer, warmer in weather.<br />Myrtle Beach, S C by Robert K 3/25/2015
QUESTION: Does this product have bubble wrap in between? What is the possible R-Factor by Rick M 2/14/2017
QUESTION: Can you continue to use your garage door once the insulation is installed? by None N 7/23/2016
ANSWER: Yes. Installing the insulation does not interfere with the doors operation. Mine is working just fine. by Mike H a
QUESTION: I notice the packaging shows a garage door with windows. Mine has windows and I'm wondering if you just went over them or didn't insulate those panels... Advice? Also - What R grade is this kit? by Paige P 1/28/2014
ANSWER: I don't have windows, if it's full width of panel I'd cover the whole thing, if it's near the center with only 1 or 2 windows, you can put it down in those areas by windows. I think the R rating is about 8, I'm not sure. If you want higher R rating, measure the sizes you'd need then go to a home improvement store and by enough foam to put on the inner most parts of door, then put this foil kit on to hold them in place. by T I a
ANSWER: The package says R rating 5 or 6. I attempted to install this a year ago and got frustrated with it so I instead went to Lowes and purchased an insulation that had both reflective foil and a thick 2-4 inch insulation included. I hope that answers your question about the product. Northshore might have something similar. To elaborate on my project - I did not cover the single pane windows, though it made a HUGE difference in temperature, regardless. Good luck. by C W a
QUESTION: Can this be installed on wood garage doors? by None N 11/6/2013
ANSWER: We are very happy with this product. I think you could use it on a wood garage. Ours, happens to be some kind of metal product. It not only helps with insulation, it also helps as a sound barrier. by R O a
ANSWER: Yes, if the wood is smooth and/or stained/painted. The foil attaches on supplied double sided tape, so if it can stick good the the wood, it should work fine. by T I a
STAFF ANSWER: I am sure you could fabricate that to work but it is not really designed for that. by Matthew O a
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