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Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring

Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring
Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring
Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring
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Item# HA035-10-H
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Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring
Garage Door Leaf Bumper Spring
Product Description
Garage Door Leaf Bumper Springs are used on overhead doors that have jackshaft style openers installed on standard radius track doors. Leaf springs are used to keep tension on the cables and torsion system. They can also be used as a way to keep the door from slamming into the back of the garage door track.

Includes restraint strap

Overall length is 12 1/2"

Sold by the pair
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COMMENT: just order more before this set. by DAN L 2/13/2017
COMMENT: my boss told me too by Barry f 2/8/2017
QUESTION: How do you install the these bumper spring so the it stop the door from falling off the tracks? by Carey R 2/12/2015
ANSWER: First off, there is no instructions or mounting bolts included with the leaf bumpers. Open door, place leaf bumper against the top of the door and mark bolt holes on track. Drill 2 holes, install the bolts you had to buy at the hardware store and tighten. by Dick R a
ANSWER: Open the door up all the way slowly until the door is full up position on it own. I then used the bracket holes and marked the tracks for drilling. I then drilled the front hole and bolted the bracket/ bumper spring and tested it. By drilling one hole first you can use it as the second hole if you feel it need to be moved forward. But make sure you use both bolt hole when you secure it to the track. by Edward B a
ANSWER: The heavy duty right angle brackets are slotted! You will drill through the horizontal tracks and bolt the <br />springs to it. I installed mine on the inside open side of the tracks. The spring really has the correct amount of tension and won't damage your door.<br />I installed these springs on 6 -12 x 14ft tall insulated metal doors. I will be buying more.<br />Hope this helps. by M A a
STAFF ANSWER: One mounts on the left and one mounts on the right to prevent the door from falling off the tracks. by Matthew O a