Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer for 1-3/8" Thick Door

Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer for 1-3/8" Thick Door

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Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer for 1-3/8" Thick Door
Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer for 1-3/8" Thick Door
Product Description
An efficient and simple way to keep pests, dirt and water out of your garage while also saving money on heating and cooling costs is to invest in a Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer available from North Shore Commercial Door.

Measuring four feet by six inches, this bottom seal retainer is designed to economically improve your garage.

Included in the kit, you will receive one 4.5 foot plastic seal retainer.

This retainer can be effectively used with T-vinyl. It will also work with the Ultra Rubber T-End Tube. Our staff at North Shore Commercial Door has extensive experience in bottom seals and garages. We can answer your questions online or over the phone. We want your repeat business and it shows in how we treat you. Get your Garage Door Plastic Bottom Seal Retainer today.
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COMMENT: is close to what is on the door now by Joseph S 12/7/2015
COMMENT: We installed new garage doors and there was a gap at the bottom, and we wanted to use the xcluder. by JOHN D 11/2/2015
QUESTION: Do you have these in 18 ft lengths? by None N 11/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How many feet is this item? by Emad G 11/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 4.5 ft by Taylor M a
QUESTION: my two single garage doors measure 1 1/4" thick. I would like to use the ultra seal. What retainer do I use? If you do not have 1 1/4 retainer can I just put spacer behind the vertical pc? by Philip D 12/24/2015
STAFF ANSWER: The ultra seal is made for the 2 inch track I would go with this track and a EPDM rubber by Taylor M a
REPLY: What do mean "with EDPM rubber"?<br />What exactly do I order for two single garage doors? by Philip D r
QUESTION: will this plastic retainer fit my 1-34 inch door? by None N 10/2/2015
ANSWER: Yes,<br />I have installed it on my 1 3/4 inch door by Craig E a
ANSWER: This is a L-shape bracket as shown in picture. It is designed to fit any door with minimum thickness of 1-3/8". If a door is thinner than 1-3/8" then there will be an overhang. Since your door is 1-3/4", it will look fine when you close the garage door. The rubber insert will flatten out where it touches the floor. by Sing Z a
ANSWER: Mine is 1 3/4 also. It fit perfectly. I put the lip on the outside of the door instead of the inside. Cant remember why I decided to do that. HA! I just painted the silver screws black. Everything is still great after 2 winters. by Paul S a
ANSWER: The whole idea is for the bottom part of the retainer to be flush against the bottom of your door, ideally for its entire 1.75 inch width. Then, you put in the new seal, which would fit that retainer. So I would find a retainer that fits your door.<br /><br />That said customer service is pretty responsive. Send them an email, carefully describing your door and they will respond with a product that will fit it by Henry O a
ANSWER: I purchased this a couple months ago along with a new seal and I had no problems installing either one, yes it fit very well on the door. I also used a sealant before installing the seal retainer and used stainless steel screws and flat washers to keep them from rusting off in the future. by Jeff L a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will work ! by Matthew O a