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Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14

Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14
Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14
Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14
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Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14
Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14
Product Description

The Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14, available from North Shore Commercial Door, comes in black and is sold by the foot. With a 2 inch vinyl blade, this dual-contact top seal flap will keep the weather at bay in your garage. A garage is a useful part of your home to keep your car in great shape, as a storage area or just a place for you and your friends to congregate. It's important to keep it in good working order and this product can help you do that. Important points to remember are:

  • It is used for tongue and groove style garage door sections.
  • It won't scratch your garage door.
  • It is screwed in by the top of the garage door.
  • For garage door frame use appropriate screws depending on garage door frame material. Be sure to drill pilot holes for screws and fasten using washers to avoid drilling through pliable seal.
  • It seals against the inside of the door frame.
We've been in business for over 35 years and are happy to help our customers improve their garage with useful products like the Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will ship internationally as well. Check out North Shore Commercial Door today.

Garage Door Top Section Seal Dual Flap TS-14 Technical Drawing
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: It's what I was looking for by Rowan S 9/29/2017
COMMENT: It fit my 12' rolling steel door header by Larry W 2/20/2017
QUESTION: How long is this seal? by David B 12/15/2016
ANSWER: Sold by the foot. Buy from this company, their service is simply "THE BEST" by william v a
ANSWER: It's cut to customers requested length. by Shawn P a
ANSWER: I bought 75 ft and it came in one piece by john k a
ANSWER: It is sold "by the foot", if my memory is correct. Works very well, as all north shore products do. It's the only place I will shop for my garage door needs. Excellent customer service, fast delivery, awesome company!!! by bill v a
ANSWER: It's sold "by the foot"; so specify the length you need. If instead, you were looking for the other dimensions, there's a nice cross-section drawing showing those dimensions. by S M a
QUESTION: Does the seal allow light through the top of the door? by None N 10/9/2016
ANSWER: If you can see light ,you are letting air cold or hot air into to the space or out of the space by Rich M a
ANSWER: The Dual Flap attaches to the top of the door frame. When the door closes it seals against the steel door. Light does not show through the top of the door. Install from the inside with the door in the down position. It takes about 30 pan head screws to fasten the seal to a 16 foot door frame. Pre-drill the rubber seal 3 inches apart then install a section of screws in the rubber before you attempt to hang the seal. Product comes tightly coiled in a box. Suggest you stretch seal out on floor with weights to keep it down for day of two. This works well and won't drive you crazy. George C , Middleburg FL by george c a
ANSWER: Not if it is sealing correctly. by Thomas A a
ANSWER: No, not if the surface above the door is relatively smooth. by S M a
QUESTION: Will this product work to seal off the gap at the top of a commercial grade roller door? by Ron H 12/18/2015
ANSWER: Worked very well for me on a regular garage door. I had a very irregular gap between the door and top of frame varying from near fit to almost 3/4 in gap in center of door top. Sealed the whole thing nicely. by Walter J a
ANSWER: Yes it worked on my doors. If the doors have the protruding notch at the top, this will fit very well. It has the double flap which seals very well. Us self drilling screws to attach in place. It does a very good job to seal the top and a very reasonable price. I used it on a 24', 18' and 10' wide door in my heated shop. by Tim N a
ANSWER: I have used it on a home door, but it should work on a commercial grade do. It is flexible but quite sturdy. by Lynda C a
ANSWER: I'm not sure, i purchased for a regular garage door. by Tina E a
ANSWER: we were able to slip this on he side panels up both sides but the top is more of a beam by ROGER P a
ANSWER: not on our door frame - I think we would use the ts-300 by ROGER P a
QUESTION: The top of my door is not flat as it has a small tongue that sticks up. How would this mount on the top? Do the flaps point down, like in the picture? by Mike Z 7/13/2014
ANSWER: The top of my door was U shaped. The angle in the top right of the picture just fit down in that U perfectly. So the product looked kinda like _/<< Imagine the << are the flaps being at the top tip of the "/" coming off the top of the door. The flaps then pointed at right angle to the top of the door, and rub against the wall when the door closed. I can't believe that they don't have a better picture of this weather strip, or a picture of it in use or a way for me to attach a picture. Sorry. by Timm P a