Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors

Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
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This order form and Pricing is setup for Springs up to 39 inches in length. If your spring is longer than that , please email us for a quote. If you submit order online with length above 39 inches you will be contacted for additional payment. When you select "Long Life Cycle" be advised that the springs arrive a different size than what was ordered, but operate and install the same as the original springs. Please do not select Long Life Cycle upgrade if your spring length is above 32 inches.
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Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Door Torsion Springs 2-5/8" ID for Commercial Garage Doors
Product Description
Commercial garage door parts can be hard to find in custom or atypical sizes. At North Shore Commercial Door, we let you determine the exact size of garage door springs that you need and we supply personalized parts for your doors. Our garage door torsion springs for commercial applications have an interior diameter of 2 5/8 inches. This size fits many commercial garages and provides ample support for larger doors.

We recommend that customers purchase their garage door torsion springs in sets of two. Since standard springs are made to last for approximately 10,000 cycles, depending on the variables involved, you’ll save time and money by replacing both springs at once. For any other queries, use our “Questions” app below to get answers about our products from staff members and other users.

  • Built with a 2 5/8-inch diameter to fit commercial garage doors
  • Comes with end cones attached as shown
  • Select a standard spring (10,000 cycles) or upgrade to a 25,000-cycle spring. Note: When long life spring option is picked the spring size changes and is usually larger.
  • Available in wire sizes to the nearest 1/16th inch
  • Order custom spring sizes to match your commercial doors
  • Choose from left- or right-wound springs for a proper fit

  • The four specific items required to purchase the correct replacement torsion spring.

    #1 Wire Size
    #2 Inside Diameter
    #3 Length of spring
    #4 Wind of spring (Right or left wound)


    A spring’s wire size can be determined by several different tools or techniques. Use of a caliper, micrometer, or wire gauge are common ways to determine a spring’s wire size. If none of these tools are available, simply measure ten coils of wire to the nearest 1/16th of an inch, and refer to the Spring Wire Chart. The spring must be tightly compressed, with no gaps. It’s also a good idea to measure twenty coils as a double check.


    Measure the inside diameter to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. In most cases, the cones inserted in each end of the spring will have a manufacturers name (OHD or Raynor, etc.) which will give a clue toward the proper identity. The chart on the right shows common ID’s used by various manufacturers. If no manufacturers name is evident, usually a part number on the cone will indicate the inside diameter: 134 or 175 = 1 3/4" ID 258 or 263 = 2 5/8" ID 375 or 334 = 3 3/4" ID


    Measure spring length with the spring in its unwound state. In the case of a distorted or broken spring, simply count the total number of coils and multiply by the wire size. 120 coils x .250 wire = 30" 120 coils x .375 wire = 45"


    To ensure the correct wind, please refer to the Winding Chart below. Please remember the side of the door a spring is located on does not indicate the wind of the spring. Most winding cones are color coded for hand identification. Right hand wound springs should have red winding cones. Left hand wound springs should have black winding cones.



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    COMMENT: product match, support. by Ted G 9/28/2017
    COMMENT: broken by merven a 7/16/2017
    QUESTION: If I have two springs and only one is broke do I need to change out both springs? by Kevin M 2/20/2017
    STAFF ANSWER: We highly recommend replacing both springs. If one spring breaks the other is bound to break as well. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: Are your springs made in the USA? by None N 1/11/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes they are ! by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: How do we measure the wire size? by Joe Y 6/21/2015
    ANSWER: Measure 10 coils give measurement to the nearest 1/16" Example: 10 coils = 2 13/16" .283 by Rocky C a
    ANSWER: I used a set of calipers. by Paul V a
    ANSWER: You have options. If you have the broken spring and caliper, simply take the diameter reading with the caliper. If you lack a caliper, then use a tape measure and refer to the chart in this link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and you will take a piece of chalk and mark a straight line on the broken spring you have, perpendicular to the windings. You will next count and mark off 10 coils and 20 coils along that line. Apply your tape measure, and then consult that chart. It will convert your counts and measurements into a wire diameter. It is very important when you do the count that there is not stress on the broken piece of the sprint, so do not suspend it or let some of it hang over a table. The whole piece of spring should be laid flat on a bench and pressed such that the coils touch one another. by Steven M a
    STAFF ANSWER: Count ten coils and then 20 coils. Measure each in inches. Then follow results on the wire size chart. by Matthew O a
    STAFF ANSWER: Not a clue sorry. by Matthew O a
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