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18" Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars

18" Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars
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18" Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars
18" Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars
Product Description
These 18-inch Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars are used to apply and release tension to your overhead garage door springs. These winding bars feature a round, steel construction for extra strength and grip as you work. Essential for use while installing garage door springs, this set of two bars will fit most residential garage door winding cones.

Each winding bar measures .44 inches on the outside diameter and .5 inches on the opposite end to ensure that it fits most residential units. The 18-inch length gives you the leverage you need for stability and control as you tension the springs. North Shore Commercial Door sells these bars in a set of two and usually ships them the next business day.
  • .44-inch diameter on one end and .5-inch diameter on the other
  • 18 inches long
  • Durable steel construction
  • Designed to fit most residential winding cones
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COMMENT: needed for uhaul rear door repairs and didn't have time to make a couple of my own. Couldn't find the ones I've had for years. by dan f 7/19/2017
COMMENT: first one I found online by Randy G 6/27/2017
QUESTION: Can you tell me this material of this winding bars?? Is this stainless steel?? When you receive the item with the same color as the picture shows???? Thank by None N 8/21/2015
ANSWER: It is indeed steel and the same color as the picture. I am not sure if it is stainless, but there was no rust and I disposed of them after the install. by jeff j a
ANSWER: Yes it is stainless and looks like it will fit any spring. I had a friend put the springs on because it can be a dangerous job. I am not quite sure why you would be concerned about the color. It is as appears. by Joseph K a
ANSWER: The winding bars are white metal as shown in the photo. I doubt that the bars are stainless, where it is more likely that they are chrome covered steel. I do not know for sure. I have been keeping them in the garage for the past year and they have not rusted. <br /><br />C by Christopher D a
STAFF ANSWER: Rolled Steel. Sometimes they are not as shiny due to the fact that they have a grease on them to prevent rust in our warehouse. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: When these bars are made are they processed cold rolled or hot rolled steel? by joe g 3/21/2014
ANSWER: I am not sure on which process was used to form the bars. I can tell you that when I used them to add tension to support a 15' wooden garage door, I never had an issue with them bending or having the end get damaged. The length of the bars provided good leverage and the fit into the tension collar was very stable. by MICHAEL T a
ANSWER: I believe they are cold rolled steel by S W a
ANSWER: I've been asked to answer this. I don't know why you need this information, nor do I know the answer to your question. But these bars worked well for the job for which I bought them - tensioning the springs on our garage door. Sorry I can't help more. by Itha W a
QUESTION: Your adjusting bars come in a set of 2 18" bars. Is that $22.00 for the set of 2? by None N 9/11/2013
ANSWER: yes by Kelsey G a
ANSWER: Yes by S W a
ANSWER: Yes it was for the set of 2 adjusting bars. I would not been able to do the job without them. by Michael C a
ANSWER: Yes. I bought the set a few months back when I replaced my springs. For the $22 you recieve 2x 18" steel bars. by Matthew P a
ANSWER: Yes it was for both bars. They worked well for my application. by Rodney S a
ANSWER: Yes, they come as a set of two. You can use something similar but for the price and the safety, these are cheap. You may never need them again but... you can always sell on Ebay!! by Spencer P a
ANSWER: Yes. by Spencer P a
ANSWER: Yes, the price is for a set of 2 adjusting bars... you will need them both. by M I a
ANSWER: Yes by L L a
ANSWER: Yes, you get two bars ion that kit. They work very well providing good leverage and control while applying tension to the springs. by MICHAEL T a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. Sold by the Pair. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: are these bars round or hexagon in shape ? by Randall H 1/16/2013
ANSWER: The obesity bought were round. That was in May 2011. by M O a
ANSWER: the bars are round in shape by S W a
ANSWER: round by G O a
ANSWER: The bars are round and worked very well. by B R a
ANSWER: The bars are round, make sure that you wear gloves because they can slip if your hands are sweaty. by M I a