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Garage Door Window Kits and Decorative Door Hardware

Garage Door Windows and Decorative Carriage House Hardware
Complete your garage door rebuild, repaint or replacement with decorative hardware and window kits that give the entire garage door a refresh. North Shore Commercial Door's selection of decorative garage hardware includes a huge selection of hardware that gives your garage doors a carriage house look. These handles, decorative hinges, iron garage door knockers and studs are perfect for Tudor homes and any other older home with an English or antique feel. Choose from traditional drill-in styles or pick up convenient magnetic garage door hardware from our store.

We have a large assortment of magnetic garage door hinges that are almost guaranteed to stay on your doors thanks to their built-in neodymium magnets that will retain 99 percent of their strength over a 10-year period. Magnetic decorative garage door hardware provides easy installation and is made with lightweight yet durable materials to withstand the outdoors. Magnetic styles come in handle sets, hinges and more from North Shore. Our hardware options are built to last with embossing, powder-coating, rough iron and other strong yet decorative features to ensure that they last throughout constant use and weather.

Garage doors with windows are expensive to buy and maintain. They can also become an invitation for break-ins. A safer, cheaper alternative is a set of magnetic garage door windows. Our garage door window overlay décor sets are easy to install and maintain. Each highly reflective framed pane looks like a window. Buy one kit for a one-car garage, or order two for a two-car garage. Our garage door magnetic decorations will also dress up the look of commercial garages converted into restaurant or specialty shop locations, and for other business settings.