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FAQs: Garage Door Rollers

What Size Garage Door Rollers do I Need?

The most common residential garage door roller size is referred to as a 2-in diameter, but the actual diameter is closer to 1 3/4 in. Commercial as well as industrial garage doors typically use 2-in or 3-in rollers. Three-inch rollers are used on heavier solid wood carriage garage doors. If your garage door is a vintage fiberglass style from the 1960s or 1970s, there might be smaller rollers. For an accurate number, measure across the roller's face. You must also know the stem length, which is measured from the bottom of the stem to where it joins the roller. Newer stems (1980 and later) are typically 7/16 in, which is the industry standard.

What's the Difference Between Rollers?

In addition to size, the difference between garage door rollers will be in the materials used. Steel rollers will last longer than nylon rollers. They typically cost less and can withstand greater loads. However, nylon garage door rollers are much quieter than steel rollers. If you have issues with salt or chemicals, use rollers that have stainless steel stems. The number of ball bearings in the roller will influence both noise and price. The more ball bearings, the smoother and quieter your garage door will be. But they're also more expensive.  

How Long do Nylon Rollers Last?

High-quality nylon garage door rollers can last approximately 12-20 years, depending on the amount of daily use. One advantage of nylon rollers, in addition to them being quieter than steel rollers, is that they don't need lubrication. This makes them highly efficient, low maintenance and non-vibrating.

Do Garage Door Rollers Wear Out?

Nylon rollers with ball bearings, whether in an open or sealed bearing design, will wear out more slowly than steel or hard plastic rollers with no ball bearings. For the longest roller life, lubricate open design ball bearings every three to four months. Rollers that are vibrating, squeaking, grinding or locking up must be checked, lubricated and perhaps replaced. If the roller is cracked or has missing material, replace it immediately.

What are Garage Door Track Assemblies?

The track is what securely holds and correctly guides the garage door's rollers, and a track assembly is a complete group of compatible track parts, including the track itself and necessary mounting hardware. These parts may include sections of track, a header, various brackets, screws and nuts that are designed to be used together.