EPDM Seal Kits

Seal the sides and top of your residential or commercial garage door with an Action Industries EPDM Seal Kit from North Shore Commercial Door. EPDM Seal Garage Door Kits are designed for easy installation to protect your garage from snow, dirt, rain, debris, pests, and other harmful contaminants. Each of these Action Industries kits is made with EPDM Synthetic rubber, which is an extremely versatile material that conforms to virtually any surface, and is functional in extreme temperatures (-50° to 350°F). Aluminum retainers hold the seal firm against the exterior of the door to provide a long-lasting weatherproof seal.

Pre-Cut, Pre-Installed EPDM Seal Kit

Residential and Commercial garage door EPDM kits by Action Industries come in pre-cut sections with an EPDM seal pre-installed on each durable pre-punched aluminum retainer. No drilling or assembly is required for installation. Simply use the self-tapping fasteners that come with each kit to secure the retainers to the jambs and header.

Customizable EPDM Seals and Retainers

Use our drop-down menus to customize your EPDM seal kid’s retainer style and seal size to close gaps on your business or home garage door. EPDM seal lengths come in two lengths: 1-1/8 inch and 2 inches. Standard EPDM seal kits include retainers designed to fit #4 channel sizes. Retainer profiles are available in Straight and 45-degree styles. We carry a full line of Action Industries garage door seals, garage door hardware, commercial dock kits, and garage door accessories.

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