Garage Door Extension Springs

Save on garage door extension springs kits and replacement components from North Shore Commercial Door. Our replacement extension springs for sale are available for commercial or residential garage doors. Every part meets industry safety standards for your home or business.

Find garage door springs for door heights ranging from 7 ft. to 14 ft. Our extension springs are sold in pairs. Color coding indicates weight - from white for 10 lbs. to tan for 300 lbs. We have replacement extension springs for single-panel garage doors and for sectional doors.

Choose the right size for the correct garage door height. For example, we have garage door extension springs for 25 in. by 42 in. garage doors in 7 ft. heights. Or, pick a 27-in. by 45-in. size for a garage door height of 7 ft. 6 in. Chose the right size for door heights of 8 ft., 9 ft., 10 ft. or 11 ft. Choose specific sizes that fit your garage door height of 12 ft., 13 ft. or 14 ft. 

See our money-saving one-piece garage door hardware kit for single-panel (non-sectional) garage doors. We also have plug-end extension springs for one-piece garage doors. Find discounted prices on all garage door extension spring accessories.