Sommer Garage Door Opener

Sommer garage door opener systems are known for being smooth, reliable and quiet. The brand has been leading the garage door opener industry, providing customers with innovative solutions to their garage door opening needs. North Shore Commercial Door is proud to offer high-quality Sommer garage door openers to our customers at the lowest prices on the internet.

The Sommer Synoris garage door opener is different than traditional garage door openers. Instead of an exposed chain or belt, which can be noisy, the Synoris uses a chain embedded in a sturdy steel rail. The opener motor glides silently along the chain, providing smooth, silent operation each and every time.

Sommer Synoris garage door openers are ideal for homes with bedrooms above the garage. The smooth operation and minimal vibration won't disturb occupants in rooms above the garage and the soft start and stop technology ensures that the door won't jerk or slam during operation. The location of the motor on the door rather than the back of the opener maximizes power, allowing for better performance.

Choose for the best selection of Sommer garage door openers. If you don't see the part or product you're looking for, simply email us at or call 440-365-5707 and speak with a helpful sales representative. We offer the best prices on Sommer openers on the internet as well as free technical help. Don't delay, order your Sommer garage door opener today using our secure online order form or call 440-365-5707 to place your order.

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