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GDH REDBLOCK Emergency Spring Kit - 2 count

Creates temporary functional union for snapped and separated torsion spring

GDH REDBLOCK Emergency Spring Kit - 2 count
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GDH REDBLOCK Emergency Spring Kit - 2 count
GDH REDBLOCK Emergency Spring Kit - 2 count
Product Description
GDH REDBLOCK Emergency Spring Repair Kit (2 count) | is a stop-gap fix for a broken torsion spring. Spring blocks are color-coded for the size of the spring wire. Red is used for spring wire sizes of 0.3750 to 0.4305 inches. Repairs to full-scale replacements; North Shore Commercial Door has the hardware for garage doors. Broken spring ends are inserted into holes in the block. Square-top set screw secures spring ends in place.

  • RED-size broken-spring coupling lock for 0.3750 to 0.4305 sized torsion spring repairs
    • (2) count spring blocks
    • (4) count block-head set screws
  • **Blocks of this type are a temporary fix, Broken torsion springs need to be replaced as soon as possible.
    • Shop replacement hardware with North Shore Commercial Door Garage Door Torsion Springs.
    • Not sure what type you need? Check out our article FAQs: Garage Door Springs or get in touch w our sales and service department: click on the "live chat" on our homepage | call us 800.783.6112 (800am to 430pm Eastern/weekdays) | email:
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