Genie 37028C.S ReliaG 800 Garage Door Opener Control Board

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The Genie ReliaG 800 garage door opener control board, part number 37028C.S, is the heart of the garage door opener; if this part fails your garage door opener will not work. If you are in the market for a replacement control board, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has genuine Genie parts available at very low prices. This control board, named the ReliaG 800 control board, is the board that is required for Genie model 2022 garage door openers. Also note that your original control board may have a part number of 37028C; this replacement control board’s part number is 37028C.S and it is the equivalent to the older board. You can be assured that this newer part will work in your system. Genie Company policy is to assign new part numbers to all of their products that have been updated which can lead to some confusion among their product users. If you are not sure about the proper board for your system, North Shore Commercial Door Co. recommends that you contact Genie Company technical support. They will provide you with the correct model number for the part in question and once you have this number, you should return to us to order the part. Although it may seem like a daunting task, replacing a 37028C.S circuit board is not really difficult. These boards come with detailed instructions to guide you through the process with the first note in the instructions telling you the tools that are required to complete the project. After seeing that you will only need a small common screwdriver and a Phillips Head screwdriver you should be comforted to know that the installation process should be easy. This 37028C.S control board is among the large line of Genie ReliaG 800 garage door opener parts available at North Shore Commercial Door Co.

The part number shipped will be 39537RS. It is the newest most up to date OEM replacement from Genie.