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Genie 38874R1.S (Replaces 37470R1.S and 38001R1.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly

Genie 38874R1.S  (Replaces 37470R1.S and 38001R1.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
Genie 38874R1.S  (Replaces 37470R1.S and 38001R1.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
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When ordering this product your box will arrive with part number 38877RS which is the newest available version of this circuit board.
Item# 38874R1S
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Genie 38874R1.S (Replaces 37470R1.S and 38001R1.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
Genie 38874R1.S  (Replaces 37470R1.S and 38001R1.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
Product Description

Genie TriloG 1200 and PowerMax 1200 garage door opener owners should be aware of the part number change for the device’s circuit board assembly. These garage door openers originally had a 37470R1 circuit board. After Genie Company upgrades its products, the company issues new part numbers to these products. When you search for a 37470R1 circuit board, you will be directed to the Genie 38001R3.S board which has further been updated to the new number of 38874R1.S. This Genie garage door opener motherboard is available at North Shore Commercial Door Co. at a very reasonable price; in fact, this circuit board is priced well below retail. You can be assured that this updated circuit board assembly works very well with your garage door opener.

The Genie TriloG 1200 garage door opener is a member of Genie Company’s professional line (dealer installed) series of garage door openers but you will not to hire a professional garage door installer to replace the circuit board. This replacement board is very easy to install thanks in part to the detailed instructions included with the board. Do-it-yourselfers of all abilities will be able to handle this installation project. The powerful Genie TriloG 1200 garage door opener has a 140V DC motor that helps this garage door opener maintain a maximum opening speed of about 10 inches per second. This garage door opener also includes an integrated motion detector, SmartSet programming and an auto seek dual frequency system that is designed to ensure proper working conditions despite the presence of nearby frequency interference. All of these features rely on a circuit board that needs to operate at peak performance levels. Fortunately, after installing the Genie TriloG 1200 garage door opener replacement circuit board assembly, your garage door opener system should perform similar to a new garage door opener.

  • Certain older Genie Wall-Console Transmitters will need to be replaced or upgraded if this circuit board is installed. These wall consoles will be dark gray in color and have a black button.
  • Genie Control Board 38878RS Non Configured with Series II Wall Console is a convenient combo pack that helps you tackle upgrade in one project
  • Genie GBWC2-BX Series II Wall Console is a compatible updated wall console that can be used with this board.
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    COMMENT: Appears to be the replacement for Genie Powermax 1500 Model 4062<br />Part No. 37470 R 3811AY04652 by Raymond I 8/15/2017
    COMMENT: My garage door circuit board was shorted out by Steven D 8/12/2017
    QUESTION: will my remote controls work with new circuit board? by None N 2/2/2016
    ANSWER: You may have to re program by Harry J a
    ANSWER: Yes, but you will have to program them into the circuit board after you set your limits. by Dustyn W a
    ANSWER: Yes. You will just need to reprogram the remote. There should be directions for this with the new board or they can be found online. by Matthew S a
    ANSWER: I do not know yet I still have not installed my board by Milton B a
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes they will just reprogram the remotes. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: dose anyone know the transistor value of Q 903 ? Transistor went during pwr surge and would be less expensive to replace than circuit board. by Jody M 11/14/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Sorry we do not. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: genie model #4062...which circuit board is needed ? 38001 R by None N 10/8/2015
    ANSWER: the one they sold me worked just fine, had to program it several times then it worked by Harry J a
    STAFF ANSWER: What is the model number on the back of your circuit board ? by Taylor M a