Genie Garage Door Circuit Boards

North Shore Commercial Door carries all of the available Genie garage door opener circuit boards. Circuit boards can go bad, and it's much cheaper to replace the boards than the entire garage door opener. We stock sequencer and decoder boards for Genie Intellicode screw drive and chain drive openers. We also carry the Genie logic/receiver board for Chainglide openers, the coaxial control board for Genie Excelerator openers, and the controller circuit board for Genie chain-lift and belt-lift openers, among many other Genie circuit boards. To ensure your new circuit board is safe from voltage spikes and surges, we recommend using our 1-outlet Wall Tap, which features 900 joules of surge protection and an alarm to let you know when the surge protector needs replacement.

If you don't see the Genie circuit board you're looking for, let us help. Genie has manufactured under several brand names, and we know which of their boards were used in those other brands.