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Genie Circuit Board 20380S.S 34514R NEW # ( 36190S.S )

Genie Circuit Board 20380S.S  34514R NEW # ( 36190S.S )
Genie Circuit Board 20380S.S  34514R NEW # ( 36190S.S )
Genie Circuit Board 20380S.S  34514R NEW # ( 36190S.S )
Genie Circuit Board 20380S.S  34514R NEW # ( 36190S.S )
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This item is discontinued.
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Genie 36190S.S Chain Glide Garage Door Opener Control Board 6 Terminal
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Product Description

Owners of the Genie PCG 700 with magnetic limits chain drive garage door opener who are searching for a replacement circuit board for this device have visited the right site as North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the model 36190S.S at a lower than retail price. This circuit board has a new model number but retains the same high standards found in other Genie products. If your original Genie garage door opener circuit board has a model number of 20380S.S, 33001R/T, 24374R/T or 34514R, this circuit board is the replacement board that you will need to return your garage door opener to proper working condition. This Intellicode receiver board features a “learn” button and has six screw terminals and three adjustment knobs. When ordering this circuit board for your garage door opener, be sure that you are ordering item number 203380S at North Shore Commercial Door Co. as there is another board that is similar in appearance but has a different item number attached. In addition to the PCG 700 garage door openers, several North Shore Commercial Door Co. shoppers have noted that this circuit board also worked very well in their Genie Pro Max ½ HP PMX500IC/B garage door openers. If your original garage door circuit board model number is not among those listed as being compatible to the Genie 36190S.S circuit board, you should contact Genie Company technical support directly to get confirmation on the best board for your system. After you get this number, you can return to North Shore Commercial Door for the best prices on your circuit board.

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: need replacement by Robert D 10/8/2017
COMMENT: it is the only place I could locate one by john k 8/12/2017
QUESTION: I changed the circuit board and the opener worked again. But now the remote and car button do not work. Any thoughts? by None N 6/9/2016
ANSWER: After you changed the circuit board did you reprogram the remote and car button? by Joseph W a
ANSWER: You need to reprogram them. Find the learn button on the circuit board and follow the instructions for programming by Travis M a
QUESTION: I need circuit board for genie garage door opener model number 3042 silent max 1000 how can I know that I am getting the right part? by peter a 5/26/2016
STAFF ANSWER: you will need 38874r3.s by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How do I know if this is the correct product? Is there a Mod# to match the product with the garage opener? My ModA# is PMX5001C/B. 1/2HP by None N 3/12/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Call 800-275-6187 to verify. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Do you sell the wire harness male connector that connects to this board? My old board melted at this juncture and burned the board and the connector piece. I will need the male connector to connect the wires to and then plug it into the board. Thanks. by Nick C 11/3/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Call the factory to verify which part number to order. 800-275-6187 by Matthew O a
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