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Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board

Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board
Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board
Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board
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The part number shipped will be 39537RS. It is the newest most up to date OEM replacement from Genie.
Item# 37028A-GENIE
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board
Genie Garage Door Opener 37028A.S Controller Circuit Board
Product Description

Genie 2024 chainlift/beltlift garage door opener owners who need to replace the circuit board on these devices can find this original Genie replacement part at a low price at North Shore Commercial Door Co. The part number of this circuit board is 37028A.S and the item number is 37028A. These numbers are important because North Shore Commercial Door Co. carries a similar circuit board for 1024 Genie garage door openers. That circuit board has a part number of 37028E.S and an item number at North Shore Commercial Door Co. of 37028ES. Be sure to order the correct circuit board for your system and pay close attention to the parts and item numbers when completing your order. This Genie 2024 professional line control board does not need professional installation; eager do-it-yourselfers can successfully install this circuit board in about half an hour. The circuit board comes with detailed instructions to make the installation project easier. Genie 2024 garage door openers are also known as the ReliaG 800 line and these garage door openers are designed for use only with sectional doors. In addition to the Genie 2024 garage door openers, this circuit board has been successfully installed and used on Genie 2022 garage door opener systems. If you are not sure about the best circuit board to purchase for your garage door opener, you can contact Genie Company technical support who will provide you with the appropriate parts number for your system. After you get this number, you should return to North Shore Commercial Door Co. to order the circuit board.

•Genie garage door opener circuit board part number 37028A

•Designed to work with Genie 2024 chainlift and beltlift garage door openers

•Original Genie replacement part

•Easy installation


•Model 2024 Genie

•Model 2022 Genie

•Model 2042 Genie

•Model 2026 Genie
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: House struck by lightening, motors appear to be okay. by Anthony W 8/9/2017
COMMENT: that what i have. the <br />garage opener stop. need a new board by ron g 3/31/2017
QUESTION: Thank you for your excellent video, even for a novice like myself. Does this circuit board work with Genie X-19988-A? Thanks again! Norma by N C 9/17/2016
ANSWER: I can't answer the actual question, as my Ginie was a different model, but I can say this. I too am a novice. I 50 year old not technical woman, and I found it waaaaay easy to instal. Once you find that you are sure that you have the proper circuit board for your needs don't be afraid at all that it will be too hard to do, because it is so easy. I have been impressed tons of people with the fact that I changed out my circuit board myself, and I just don't tell them it was nearly plug n play! by Fay S a
REPLY: Thank you Faye! You've given me lots of hope. by N C r
QUESTION: are all genie 2024 circuit boards the same ? by greg b 7/30/2016
ANSWER: They should all be the same by matt P a
QUESTION: Door moves up and <br />down very slow. Do you think it's a bad circuit board? by None N 5/3/2016
STAFF ANSWER: It possible but it sounds like to limits are on low by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Does anyone know if this will work on a model 2026? by Jeff V 1/11/2016
ANSWER: It worked on my opener. I was surprised that my opener being less tban two old needed a component at all but since replacing this part I've had no problems. by todd f a
ANSWER: It should work by Albert M a
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